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My name is Marcos, I have been following the CSGO pro scene since 2015 but really got into in following games and pro teams in 2016. Used to bet a lot, stopped a bit but never stopped following the esports scene. I'm a student right now so I got a lot of time to keep with it and discover new things.

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Esports journalist. An esports fan, former wannabe pro and occasional angry young man. You can find him trying to climb the Dota 2 MMR or just chilling in Rocket League. Or maybe building an entire city in Cities: Skylines. The current mood is always a surprise.

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Hey, I am Valentin. I’ve been an Esports fan since the league of legend S2 World final. Since I am following many more games like CSGO, Rocket League, and fighting games. I know the European CSGO and LOL scene really well, and I enjoy betting on them.

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