EU LCS Summer Split 2018 – Day 2 Predictions

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With EU LCS Summer Split 2018 back in play, we are blessed to have not one, but two days of games for the EU region. If you were unsure about how the games might go for day one, please check out yesterday’s article here. But if you are here for day two, then look no further. Here are some thoughts to help you predict the winner!

H2K vs Roccat

This is, return based, one of the closer match-ups of the night.

H2K is sitting on a 1.68 rate and Roccat at 2.10. Roccat

While making playoffs in the spring split, haven’t quite shown the potential to be worth the bet. In both of their matches against each other in the previous split, H2K triumphed. Looking at the players on paper, it feels difficult to see a case where that record would change this split. This is one of the “higher” return rates for a team that seems likely to win.

Prediction: H2K Win

Unicorns of Love vs Misfits

This is a match where I would be tempted to bet on UoL to win because the returns of 2.25 could be worth the gamble.

Misfits are no longer the team that represented Europe last year at Worlds. Instead are a team that did not even make the playoffs in spring split (though it was close). Neither team is strong, which means the gamble on the team with a higher return could be worth. However, it is also highly dependent on who has figured out patch 8.11 better.

Misfits remains stronger on paper, which is why the return is less for them. Maxlore was a very talented jungler at Worlds last year. However, he hasn’t quite shown the same level of play in the spring split. So the question is whether he will step back up to form with the slight jungle changes or whether he will continue to be mediocre.

Prediction: Misfits win, but UoL are the more worthwhile gamble

Team Vitality vs Giants Gaming

Team Vitality have a 1.57 return on them winning, but while Giants Gaming are at 2.30 

It seems unlikely that they will be able to take a game off Team Vitality. Team Vitality simply outclasses them in every role, however, Vitality have shown weaknesses in being able to close out games and it still remains to be seen whether this is something that they have been able to fix over the time they have had between splits.

Prediction: Team Vitality Win

Schalke04 Esports vs Fnatic

With Schalke04 Esports coming in at 8th place last split and Fnatic finishing first, the 2.70 return on Schalke04 winning is understandable.

Fnatic, based on previous performances, should win. But, patches have changed and Schalke04 is one of the few teams that have shaken up their roster a bit, adding Amazing to the jungle. As noted in the day 1 prediction, we still need to see how this addition will affect the team. Schalke04 has so much potential on the roster which tempts me to predict their victory. However, as witnessed in spring split, good players doesn’t mean victory as they still need to synergize and come together as a team.

I do think Schalke04 could be one of the surprises of the summer split though, but they probably need more time to practice together before they can take down the powerhouse that is Fnatic.

Prediction: Fnatic Win

G2 Esports vs Splyce

This is the other worthwhile gamble of EU LCS day two. G2 Esports beat Splyce 3-1 in the playoffs series of the spring split, but their head to head record was 1-1. With a 2.20 return on Splyce winning, it could be one of the more worthwhile gambles of the weekend, since there actually is a decent chance of Splyce taking the game.

G2 Esports, while being a strong team, are not the kings of Europe any longer and have shown significant weaknesses. The shining light, however, has been Perkz in the mid-lane. Him and Jankos could quickly shut down Splyce’s chances of winning, but Nisqy has proved to be able to carry his own weight too. In this best of one, despite G2 being a strong team, Splyce seems like a more worthwhile gamble. 

Prediction: Splyce Win

It is worth noting that we will get some more information on how the teams are doing after day one and some predictions could change based on that. However, there probably wont be any great surprises, considering there has been so few roster swaps.

Disagree with the predictions? Comment below to let us know what you think!

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