EU LCS Summer Split 2018 – Week 1 Predictions

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Finally EU LCS Summer Split 2018 is on the horizon to start again this Friday on June the 15th. To kick things off we have the EU LCS, which will start 18:00 CEST.

It’s always hard to know how the first week of a split will go, considering roster changes, practice and patch changes that happen between splits. But don’t worry, here are some guidelines and predictions to help you out!

Vitality vs Splyce

This is one of the more difficult matches to call, but considering the spring split results, Vitality led the head to head between these two with 2-0. Vitality did have a dip towards the end of the split and Splyce won the playoffs series 3-2. Both have very good players on their team and have now had some time to work out their macro issues.

The same could of course be said for Splyce too, but because your betting return is 2.20 on Vitality and only 1.62 for Splyce, it is worth gambling on Vitality to take the win.

Prediction: Vitality Win

Unicorns of Love vs Schalke04

Schalke04 recently acquired veteran jungler Amazing to boost their shot-calling and macro play. UoL had a 6-12 score in the spring split and have done no changes to their line-up. It seems unlikely that they will find success this split either. However, there is a chance that Schalke04 have not quite yet gelled as a team and that the Unicorns could find a way of taking a win with some kind of cheese tactic. Unicorns in the past were always good at finding strange picks and making them work in team fights and using the “chaos” to overwhelm their opponents.

However, as far as player match-ups go, Schalke have veterans some of whom could be argued to be top in their role in the region. The question is simply whether the addition of Amazing will boost the team? Or if they will keep struggling to find the success they desire.

The one thing that would argue for betting on UoL over Schalke is the odds. Currently there is a 2.20 return on UoL winning, while Schalke04 is at 1.60. That said, decent returns do not matter if the team doesn’t win.

Prediction: Schalke04 Win

Fnatic vs Misfits

This should be a clear win for Fnatic who dominated spring split and showed that they could go up against strong teams at MSI. That said, this is a new patch, and there have been significant meta changes since the European teams faced each other. Fnatic have in one sense had less time to prepare since they were at MSI and will have needed to rest. Betting on Fnatic will only give a 1.40 return, but the chances of Misfits winning seem slim.

Prediction: Fnatic Win

H2K vs Giants Gaming

These two teams went 1-1 in the spring split.

H2K took Vitality to a nail-biting 2-3 playoff series and the Giants did not even make it to the playoffs. But the patch has changed and teams have had time to practice. Both teams have pieces of talent but lack consistency and good macro play.

Giants added a new support who will be starting for them in the summer split. However, it is an unknown challenger talent and it remains to be seen how he will perform on the LCS stage.

Based on talent and who I think will outplay the other, my vote goes to H2K. I believe Shook and Selfie will find openings and plays to win the early game for H2K and thereby snowball it into a win.

Prediction: H2K Win

G2 Esports vs Roccat

This should be a clear G2 Esports win, which sadly the betting sites know too. The return on their win is 1.35, while Roccat would give 3x returns on their win.

These two teams did go even in the spring split, but G2 Esports finished second while Roccat were dismantled by Splyce in a 3-0 series. In Bo1s anything can happen and it could be that Roccat have completely understood this patch, while G2 hasn’t, but it is unlikely. However, if you are the gambling kind, then there is a tiny chance that Roccat can give you a good return. I, however, will not be risking it.

Prediction: G2 Win

Disagree with the predictions? Comment below and let us know!


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