EU LCS Week 4 Day 1 Predictions

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After a weekend of Rift Rivals where EU emerged victorious, we are back to watch the best region in the West in the EU LCS. Even Splyce managed to get a win while abroad, but the question is if they can reproduce that on home soil. Probably not. But read on to get a feel for how the matches could go and why we think so.

Giants vs Schalke04

Based on recent results, this should go in Schalke’s favour. They have been struggling against the top tier teams of Europe, but have been doing better against the lower bracket, to which Giants belong. The key problem Schalke have is that they often have a moment where they don’t quite know what they want to do and at that point do some kind of mistake which stronger teams punish. That said, against Giants it is unlikely that that will happen, and even if it does, Giants may well not be in a position to punish it.

Schalke winning is at a 1.50 return, while Giants winning would net 2.40.

Due to this, Giants could be worth the risk, but they have not looked good lately and it would be incredibly risky.

Roccat vs Unicorns

This is one of the closer games of the day. Both teams have had some decent wins where they look like they know what they are doing, but then they have games where they get run over. Key factor will be if either team has managed to pick up the new reworked Aatrox. Also, look for either jungler to take control of the game. Both Memento and Kold are key to their teams winning. For Roccat it will also be up to Norskeren to try to roam and help support his mid and jungler. Ultimately, bearing the odds in mind, Unicorns could be the more profitable win, but Roccat is the team that has currently shown better form, so it is a risk. But then this match is almost a coin toss between who takes it.

Roccat winning is at a 1.70 return, while Unicorns is at 2.05.

Vitality vs H2K

H2K are still 0-6 at the bottom of the table. Not much to say here. They may take a game eventually, but they aren’t worth the risk at the moment. While Vitality can be a bit of a wild card, they are generally a good team and should have this.

Vitality winning will only net a return of 1.35, while H2K winning is at 2.95.

G2 Esports vs Misfits

This is the match of the week. Both of these teams are undefeated so far and have been performing great. G2 Esports did lose to Team Liquid in NA, and their coach said that they have had bad scrims in NA and will only get a few days to scrim in EU, so they could potentially be in a weaker state, and they will be tired from travelling. Meanwhile, Misfits has had the chance to rest, scrim and watch how G2 have been playing to analyse and find weaknesses. On paper, G2 are still the stronger team. But considering how well Misfits have been playing and how well they have been reading their opponent, I think this might be a game where they can bait G2 into the funnel comp and then have a prepared strategy to take them down, which means they could be better bet to take.

Misfits winning is at 2.20, while G2 is at 1.60.

Splyce vs Fnatic

Did Splyce beat Team Liquid this weekend? Yes they did. Did Team Liquid beat Fnatic? Yes they did. Is therefore Splyce better than Fnatic? No. No way. Splyce used specific picks that were underestimated by the NA region in general, but Fnatic won’t fall for that, nor will they hesitate to pick up Pyke or Heimerdinger themselves. Kasing was good on Pyke, but Splyce will have to come up with more than that if they want to take down Fnatic. Taking away Heimerdinger could be good, if Fnatic don’t ban it, but even so it will be up to Xerxe and Nisqy to step up against Caps and Broxah, as the latter have been far better overall.

Fnatic winning is at a 1.45 return, while Splyce is at 2.55.

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