EU Power Ranks – Part 1

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Happy New Year, LOL fans!

Today we’re previewing the EU LCS, a league that has seen significant upheaval this offseason.

In addition, the EU LCS is planning on moving to a franchise model similar to NA’s next season, meaning this could be the last time you see some of these organizations altogether.

After the fastest offseason in professional LOL history, here is the first half of the definitive power ranking of EU LCS heading into week one.

10. Giants Gaming

One word sums up Giants’ offseason- ouch.

After dropping out of the LCS in the spring, Giants Gaming fought their way back to the EU LCS via the promotion tournament.

However, the Spanish organization lost all their lineup except for their top laner Ruin to Vitality.

Ruin has been playing the challenger series since 2016 and the talented player has still a lot to learn even if his mechanical play is on point. He is the team’s ace, but not necessarily the type of talent you want to build around.

This team is mediocre and lacks synergy, shot-calling, and leadership.

Veteran ADC, Steelback, will be relied on to carry this squad to a decent position, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


Roccat is doing their best to compile individual talent this offseason, acquiring promising young players that had mixed results on previous teams.

Returning to the team is jungler, Memento, which was a pleasant surprise during his last stint with Roccat.

Top laner Profit and former PSG mid laner Blanc have yet to reach their full potential despite being touted as high upside talents. This team lacks leadership, but the good news is that they’re loaded with skill and potential. It’s just not their time yet.

8. Vitality

After what would be considered a failed season, Vitality is opting to hit the reset button and rebuild from the ground up around top laner, Cabochard.

Vitality is rostering the first ever Italian and Portuguese players, top laner Jizuke and ADC Minitroupax respectively.

Their debuts will be the most interesting part of this team in the upcoming split.

This team has some synergy but lacks LCS experience, and if the bright lights of the LCS stage shock the rookies, Vitality will be in for a long and painful split. Like Roccat, Vitality is playing the long game, investing in potential.

7. H2K

Former Schalke 04 coach, Veteran, is returning to H2K and brought three of Schalke’s players with him.

Top laner, Smittyj, mid laner, Caedrel, and support, Sprattel. Rounding out the roster is ADC, Sheriff, and former TSM jungler, Santorin.

This team is going to be building around Caedrel, who showed incredible promise in the challenger series.

Sheriff will also be a key player on this team, and this carry duo should grow and eventually excel together.

I could see a scenario where H2K sneaks into the playoffs, except for one reason- Santorin. I don’t understand this signing. Santorin is not good and has not been good in ages. How this man still gets chances to play professionally, I’ll never know.

As much as I like the roster, I can’t rank H2K higher than this, solely because the other four players will have to carry Santorin through this split.

6.Unicorns of Love

What a bold offseason from UOL- only returning Exileh from the previous split, UOL is rostering four new players, a mix of LCS vets and exciting newcomers.

Coaching is a strength of this team, thanks to the hard work of Sheepy, who knows how to grow talents into star players. However, losing the team pillars Hylissang and Vizicsacsi during this offseason is a massive blow to this team’s hopes.

This team needs to do two crucial things to find success:

  • Sheepy needs to find and establish a team leader as quickly as possible
  • UOL needs to put WhiteKnight and Samux, two of the most hyped young talents in Europe, in positions to grow and succeed quickly.

Samux and Totoro should form a formidable bot lane while WhiteKnight will immediately be one of EU’s better top laners. Build around them, and UOL could find success this split.

This list represents what I expect to be the bottom half of the EU LCS this upcoming split. A few of these teams could surprise and there is plenty of talent to be found on these rosters, but ultimately, I only expect one of these teams to sneak into the playoffs as the 6th seed.

If you’re a bit of a gambler, lay some money on UOL or H2K to sneak in. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for part two of the EU LCS power rankings!


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