Evil Genius eliminates two more Chinese teams at the Major

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Evil Genius is one of the best teams in Dota 2. The North American squad has been amongst the Top 4 teams in Dota 2 for over half a decade. And coming into the Chongqing Major, Evil Genius seems to be riding their momentum as well. They eliminated the last two remaining Chinese teams from the Chongqing Major 2019. I

The penultimate day at the second DPC Major saw three Best of Three matches. Each match was an elimination match and the stakes were high during the day.

Evil Genius wins against Ehome

After winning the Bucharest Minor; Ehome are now out of the Chongqing Major. Image Courtesy: Starladde

The first match started with Evil Genius taking on the Bucharest Minor winners Ehome. The Chinese team obviously had the support of the local crowd. EG is a strong team and with Artour putting up big performances on an individual level; there was not much that Ehome could do.

The first game saw Ehome continue Vici Gaming’s mistakes and allow Sumail to play the OD. They had Leshrac on their team and it was a lineup on a timer. Once we approached the late stages of the game, there was not much that Ehome could do. They had a fantastic start to the tournament, but their inability to capitalise on their advantage was evident. Evil Genius took the game late, with Fly building a Hand of Midas and then into a Radiance later.

EG took their Game 1 with ease. This continued the utter dominance of the Sumail Obsidian Destroyer definitely made an impact on the Ehome players. They had a much better draft during Game 2, however, they were once again unable to sustain themselves in the mid-game. With excellent execution, and the impending Doom for Ehome’s Obsidian Destroyer. EG knew exactly how to counter Obsidian Destroyer and they were ablet o win the match with ease in the latter part of the game.

The Ehome Dota 2 team in action during the Chongqing Major 2019. Image Courtesy: Ehome

Evil Genius continued their dominance over the Chinese teams after eliminating Vici Gaming yesterday. The North American team remains the last team from North America still at the Major. They have shown us glimpses of brilliance when it comes to their team chemistry and coordination. However, there are also instances when S4 and Sumail are just caught out of position alone. We hope that they improve their gameplay dramatically for the final day.

PSG.LGD dominates Fnatic 2-0

Fnatic had a great run at the Chongqing Major. Image Courtesy: Starladder

The final Chinese team at the Chongqing Major was also their strongest hope. PSG.LGD, the finalists of The International 2018 saw themselves go face to face against Fnatic. The South East Asian Dota 2 team picked up the OD after seeing Chines teams having problems against the hero. However, PSG.LGD was quick to retaliate with the Doom pick.

Doom has proved to be a verified counter against OD and even with BKB. Obsidian Destroyer cannot find himself to be of any use in the team fights. Even if he uses his ultimate, the hero is not useful as he cannot use Arcane Orbs during the team fight, mitigating a lot of damage.

PSG.LGD and Ehome both walk away from the Major with prize money of $80,000 for PSG.LGD while Ehome won $60,000. Meanwhile, they also earn some DPC points. Here are the prize money winnings & the DPC points for the two Chinese teams at this Major.

  • Ehome | 900 DPC Points | $60,000
  • PSG.LGD | 1350 DPC Points | $80,000.

Evil Genius vs PSG.LGD

PSG.LGD the best Chinese team lost to Evil Genius at the Chongqing Major. Image courtesy: Starladder

The Lower Bracket Round 5 match saw Evil Genius take on PSG.LGD in the elimination match. This was an epic match between the hope for North America and the hope for China. The two teams have provided us with quality Counter-Strike in the past and this series was no different.

The first game saw both teams compete against each other on an even footing. However, Evil Genius had one focus and that was to allow Arteezy to get farm on his Terrorblade. The hero is one of the biggest damage dealers in the current meta. Despite PSG.LGD having a great lead very early in the game; they were unable to capitalise on the same. They were up four towers and then there was an extended team fight in the middle which stretched for almost two to three minutes. This team fight turned the tides of the balance as Arteezy stayed alive till the very end. He was able to accumulate a lot of experience and gold from the team fight.

Ultimately, he was able to farm very fast with the Magnus Empower buff on him. The Magnus pick has always enabled cores to farm faster and that was the key difference between EG and PSG.LGD.

The Second Game

The second game saw Sumail play the Timbersaw on the mid lane. Going up against the Kunka; he was able to play it exceedingly well. Kunka is one of the best heroes in the mid-lane. The Timbersaw is one of the best heroes in the game to counter Kunka. He won’t die from the Kunka combination at all without external help. PSG.LGD had an excellent lead cause their team fights were just significantly better than that of EG during the mid-game. However, EG has found excellent coordination in the game. Their positioning and awareness of the PSG.LGD positioning was the sole reason why they were able to win the match.

With this win, EG remains a strong team and a contender for the trophy. This is great news for all the North American fans who are definitely supporting Evi Genius.

The final day of the Major will see a showmatch between Team Liquid and the former Wings Gaming roster. The match will take place between the Lower Bracket match and the Grand finals. You can catch all the action live here.

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