FACEIT Major New Legends Stage Day 2 Predictions

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We continue with our series of predictions for Day 2 of the New Legends Stage of the FACEIT Major after a shocking Day 1.


Day 1 of the FACEIT Major did not disappoint the neutrals. In majority of the matches, the Legends fell to the Challengers, who seemed the hungrier and more prepared outfit. Nevertheless, we provided the predictions for Day 1 and were on the money, with correct tips for five of the eight matches. We now move towards Day 2 of the FACEIT Major.

BiG vs Tyloo – BiG

The first match in the 1-0 bracket pits BiG against Tyloo – two teams who scraped through the Challengers Stage. BiG registered a convincing win over Faze. The victory could be chalked down to Faze’s decision to let Dust2 slip through the cracks.

Tyloo’s win was impressive on several grounds. mibr dominated them in the first half. But, the 4 rounds that Tyloo somehow gathered during the half were more than enough. The Chinese organization shut down mibr’s offence in an impressive manner.

The matchup might come down to the two AWPers again. Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield was immense for BiG on Dust2. Kevin ‘xccurate’ Susanto on the other hand, led the comeback with some impressive accuracy on the big green gun.

Tyloo will not make the same mistake as Faze, which could lead to another Inferno. This game is tough to call. But, we expect BiG’s buddy system to prove as a counter to Tyloo’s eccentric style of play.

Winstrike vs fnatic – fnatic

It will be tough for fnatic to replicate their horror showing against complexity again on Day 2. The Swedes will likely head back to the drawing board. Winstrike on the other hand, were dominated by Liquid on Mirage, with the CIS team almost looking lost on the server at times.

While nothing can be said after fnatic’s defeat to complexity, we believe they will take advantage of the easier draw handed to them in the 0-1 bracket to register their first win at the FACEIT Major 2018.

Vega Squadron vs Astralis – Astralis

A game that is primed to test Astralis. The current #1 team almost gave the advantage away against Natus Vincere before capitalising on a few judgemental errors by the CIS giants to close the map out 16-14. Vega Squadron on the other hand, blew away Cloud 9 on Mirage, adding another scalp at the Major.

What has been particularly surprising is Vega Squadron seem prepared for the teams instead of relying on their own unbridled and aggressive brand of Counter Strike. The Sharks will attempt to counter Astralis as well. But, we should see the Danes emerge as the victors and move on to the 2-0 bracket.

Cloud 9 vs HellRaisers – HellRaisers

After what happened on Day 1, it will be difficult for people to choose Cloud 9 over HellRaisers. The CIS stack came close to securing the win on Dust over G2. Cloud 9 though, were blown away by Vega Squadron on Mirage.

HellRaisers have more cohesion right now compared to Cloud 9. The individuals on HellRaisers also seem to have the hotter hands at the moment, which should culminate into a win for the CIS stack. Cloud 9 will likely move to being one loss away from bowing out of the FACEIT Major.

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complexity vs G2 – G2

Everyone would have been shocked, not much at the shock win for complexity but more so on the manner of their victory over fnatic. G2 had to toil to emerge victorious over HellRaisers.

G2 should respect complexity’s Inferno and will likely ban the map. We could see another Dust 2 being played by G2. The French stack though, should ideally get one over complexity and take one more step towards retaining their Legends Status for the upcoming major.

NiP vs Liquid – NiP

Honestly, barring Winstrike vs fnatic, there are no clear cut favourites for any fixture. Liquid have been playing lights out recently. But, so have NiP, who have had a resurgence after moving Jonas ‘Lekr0’ Olofsson into the IGL role.

This could come down to an aim battle at the end of the day, something Liquid will be more than happy with. But, Liquid are yet to be tested so far, unlike NiP, who have registered wins over Astralis and mousesports at the FACEIT Major, in the Challengers Stage and New Legends Stage respectively.

It should be a close encounter, which will favour NiP, with the stack’s experience likely to carry them over the line. Expect the NiP magic to continue.

Natus Vincere vs Faze – Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere have been handed the short straw so far, as far as draws are concerned. If facing Astralis in the opener was not enough, they will now be up against Faze Clan. Unlike Faze though, Natus Vincere put up a great fight and could have even won had it not been for a few misreads towards the end.

Faze looked underprepared against BiG. If that indeed is the case, expect Natus Vincere to run over Faze like BiG did on Day 1.

mousesports vs mibr – mibr

Another unfair matchup on Day 2 of the FACEIT Major, with two top teams going head-to-head in the 0-1 bracket. mibr gave up a huge lead in their loss to Tyloo. mousesports though, did not do much wrong in their defeat to NiP, which could be chalked down more towards the brilliance of the Swedes.

The most recent matchup saw mibr register a clean series win over mousesports without breaking much of a sweat. It is expected to be a closer affair this time around. But, mibr should gather themselves and are likely to come out with a win.

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