FACEIT Major New Legends Stage Day 3 Predictions

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We continue with our series of predictions, this time for the third day of the FACEIT Major New Legends Stage.

Day 3 is the most important yet for all participants at the FACEIT Major. We will see two teams advance to the playoffs and secure Legends status for the upcoming Major while two teams will be eliminated and will have to contend with being able to avoid going through the Minor.

Our Day 2 predictions did not spring many-a surprises, with 6 out of 8 results bearing the same outcome as our tips. We now move on Day 3.

Vega Squadron vs fnatic – Vega Squadron

fnatic are finally off the mark. But, they did have their moments of weakness against Winstrike. This would be music to the ears of Vega Squadron, who were run over by Astralis. fnatic have played two Infernos so far while Vega Squadron have proven their mettle on other maps as well.

It will be interesting to see whether Vega decide to leave Inferno in the map pool, with fnatic not looking the best on the said map and with Vega having some recent evidence to use if they do want to counter. Ideally, fnatic should have taken this.

But, we are going with the in-form side. We tip Vega to secure the win and move within one win from securing Legends status.

Tyloo vs HellRaisers – HellRaisers

Can the Dragon overcome HellRaisers? (Picture Courtesy – HLTV)

Another matchup from the 1-1 bracket, this will be a fascinating one for the neutrals. Both Tyloo and HellRaisers have a quirky play style. But it is HellRaisers that seem more in tune with each other on their T side compared to the Chinese organisation, who have relied on their incredible defence to come so far at the FACEIT Major.

HellRaisers have gone on Overtime on both the maps so far. But, G2 and Cloud 9 are hardly the in-form sides. G2 prevailed over them on Dust 2 but later succumbed to complexity on Day 2, which shows that the CIS stack is not in form just yet.

Although, one can suggest that HellRaisers and their ability to grind out results could hand them a slight advantage over Tyloo. Tyloo’s limited map pool and their minimal T side strategies are likely to let them down against HellRaisers.

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Winstrike vs Cloud 9 – Cloud 9

There is enough evidence to suggest that an upset could be on the cards in this matchup. One saving grace though, could be the prospect that the Overtime loss to HellRaisers would have ignited a fire within the belly of the Cloud 9 stars.

Another positive would be Martin ‘STYKO’ Styk’s form against HellRaisers. The former mousesports man produced certain admirable highlights and will be expected to produce a similar showing against Winstrike.

Winstrike enjoyed more success on their quasi buy and eco rounds than on rounds with their choice of weapon in their hand against fnatic, something that will be a worrying sign for the team.

While Winstrike can pose some problems, expect Cloud 9 to secure a win and remain in the thick of things at the FACEIT Major.

complexity vs BiG – complexity

No one would have predicted this matchup to happen in the 2-0 bracket at the FACEIT Major. But, complexity and BiG have surprised everyone by coming in hot against teams of a higher stature. complexity’s wins over fnatic could be chalked down as an upset.

But, complexity beat G2 16-7, proving they are not a one and done team. complexity are one win away from securing their spot in the playoffs and an automatic spot at the next Major as well. BiG though, have remained calm throughout their run, a run that included a loss to their Day 3 opponents.

There were many questions raised as to complexity’s map pool. But, they answered their critics by delivering another upset, this time on Cache. BiG will have to be wary of complexity and could push this to Nuke.

complexity have managed to string together a brilliant run thus far and could shock BiG and everyone by becoming the first team to secure their place in the playoffs.

Natus Vincere vs NiP – Natus Vincere

Can NiP do it again? (Picture Courtesy – HLTV)

Honestly, Natus Vincere are one of the only sides who can complain against the draw system. The CIS stack faced #1 Astralis in Round 1 before facing off against #4 Faze and will now be playing #8 NiP.

NiP started off strong against mousesports. But, Liquid handed the stalwarts of the scene a reality check. The Swedes have returned to the grand stage after a long hiatus and would want to top it off with at least a place in the playoffs.

Natus Vincere though, have looked more promising at the New Legends Stage compared to NiP. With Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev topping the scoreboard despite some uncharacteristic misplays, the CIS giants have posted good results and should have found themselves 2-0 if not for some silly mistakes in the opener against Astralis.

While NiP are always a good side to bet on at the Major, expect Natus Vincere to just have too much for the Swedes.

G2 vs mibr – mibr

mibr secured a dominant win over mousesports on Dust 2 to put their Day 1 disappointment behind. G2 on the other hand, would be ruing their chance to go 2-0. The French stack tasted defeat in a convincing fashion by complexity.

G2 have looked shaky thus far while mibr have only themselves to blame for not being up 2-0 in what was a total surrender on the T side against Tyloo. Expect the legendary Brazilian organisation to emerge victorious.

Astralis vs Liquid – Astralis

Good for the money. (Picture Courtesy – HLTV)

There are no direct winners in this tie. But, we will go with Astralis if we are to pick one. Astralis and Liquid have both registered convincing wins against lower-tier teams while also taking down one of the top 10 teams. But, the Danes always have more up their sleeve.

Expect Astralis to go through with a 3-0 record.

Faze vs mousesports – Faze

Two mix stacks that have championed the definition of it. Faze are reeling from the Major curse while mousesports have just not managed to get going since the roster change. Faze have looked the better side in comparison though and should win unless they let the nerves get the better of them.

A 0-3 blowout for either team would be a major disappointment for the fans of the respective team and could trigger roster changes after the FACEIT Major. Expect Faze to knock mousesports out.


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