Faze Clan: The Champion team of Rejects

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The latest new entrant in the list of silverware is Faze. The Faze roster is one of the newest rosters in competitive CS GO. Their full roster has not even completed 2 months and they already have won one big tournament.

Each player from the roster has been removed from one of the best teams in the world in the past. While that definitely does not reflect on their individual skill, Faze definitely is a team which can push the boundaries of what can be achieved.

The rejects proved everyone wrong

Faze Roster

Faze is a team of rejects. Despite having some of the best talent in the world, individually each player has been rejected from some of the best teams in the world. There have been instances where the player has been benched just to teach him a lesson. These endeavours in other teams have definitely suppressed their natural gameplay, a style which they have seemingly rediscovered in Faze Clan.



Kioshima has spent most of his career alternating between the two French teams. However he was relieved from his former team in EnVyUs in 2016. He joined the Faze Clan on 10th of April 2016.

Kioshima has always been a team player, one who believes in strengthening the team. He was benched on the Faze roster after they brought in Karrigan into the team. However he was reassigned to the active squad in November replacing Jkaem on the active roster. Meanwhile Jkaem was given time to  “find his motivation to either stay or find a new team.”

Kioshima has been consistent in his performance during his time at Faze since November. While he has not been a superstar in the team, he has consistently maintained a ratio of above 0.8. The team can always rely on him to maintain a decent KDA in order to help the team.



Allu was on the Swedish team Ninjas in Pyjamas for 10 months in 2015. However his entry into the Swedish team did not change the course of the free fall that NIP were in ( and they still are freefalling in the present time and date). After being removed from NIP, Allu went on to play with other Finnish counterparts in the local organisation ENCE. However a player of Alluś calibre cannot be contained to playing in a T2 team. He was quickly picked up by Faze Clan on the 16th of August 2016.

Allu Event History

Allu has been nothing if consistent in his performances. The Faze team can definitely rely on him to put up a stable performance for the star studded team. In a roster which has the star power and the skill as faze, it is not uncommon to see vast fluctuations in performances over the course of time. However it is exactly people like Allu who are needed in such a team to maintain the basic levels of gameplay and skill rating to stabilise the team.

Allu is a really good team player, one who is adept at communicating with the team and discussing idea. Bouncing off the veterans in the team; Karrigan and Kioshima Allu forms the connection with which the pace of the round / game is decided. His performance in the past several months has been consistently above 1.1, at times reaching 1.4 ( against weaker opponents).



Faze has always been a team consisting of superstars from different languages coming together in an amalgamation of raw skill and talent. However one of the principal flaws in the preceding teams was the lack of a comprehensive IGL. Faze needed someone who could guide them and provide a structure to their gameplay.

Karrigan was a part of the best team in the Danish scene. The now-Astralis roster has achieved a lot of success under the leadership of Karrigan. Of Course they were considered as chokers under his leadership, but that had to do more with the mentality of a certain player ( Device ) than Karriganś leadership.

Karrigan has been instrumental in shaping the current Astralis team into a contender for the top position. Of Course under his leadership they were never able to achieve any silverware, but he established himself as one of the better leaders in the game.

His inclusion into the Faze Roster added another element to their attack, a systematic and organised attack by a group of talented individuals. Having already been a leader amongst the former team with the tag chokers, Karrigan had ample experience how to handle failure and disappointment amongst star players. Of Course Faze has not had the opportunity to fail yet, but their positive attitude can definitely be seen in their interview and persona. Karrigan is one of the key stakeholders in ensuring a good mental health for the players.



Faze came into their own super team status once they acquired Niko from Mousesports. Niko is the best CS GO player in the professional scene currently. However a few months ago, he was tied down due to the bureaucracy and ill intent of one organisation.

Niko was in Mousesport prior to his transfer (rumored to be around $500,000) to Faze. He is easily the best player on the 2016 Mousesports roster. His performances have repeatedly propelled himself into the top ranks in CS GO. Despite his heroic efforts the rest of the team was not able to supplement his performance and were not able to become a consistently good team in the top ranks. Niko however is one of the best players and his proficiency with the pistol, rifle and the AWP makes him a prime catch for any team which can work around his skill level. He has proven his mettle in his short time at Faze so far.

Niko Consistency Statistics

Niko is not only consistent but also one of the best players in the entire world. He always maintains a rating of above 1 in all the tournaments, which is a rare achievement in itself. He forms the pinnacle of the form of the current roster.

Faze is set to achieve great victories

Faze Roster in attendance

This Faze roster is one of the best, if not the best CS GO roster in a long time. Most of the top teams in their prime comprise of a few superstars surrounded by other players who are decent in their roles.

Faze however is a team with players who are superstars in their roles. Niko being the player to attain a higher pedestal than the rest, he is surrounded by role players such as Allu, Karrigan and Kioshima. These players know their roles in the team and play it to the perfection. They have been rejected from some of the best teams in the world. While that does not hold testament to their skill level, each player is extremely well equipped in terms of skills; these bunch of players have proven that they are made of championship material.

Faze is a team that does not Niko to perform like a God in every map. Even when Niko has an off map, Faze are fully capable of winning tournaments and defeating the best teams in the world. They enter a near unbeatable state if Niko performs to his best, but a team whose lower point is capable of winning championships is scary indeed.

Faze Ranking Improvement

Of course it is still an early stage with only one tournament win under their belt, but the speed and promptness with which they were able to win StarSeries definitely is a warning sign for all the teams.

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