First Impressions for Patch 7.19 [c] : Changes that alter the current meta

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With the International firmly behind us, Valve has released a new update [7.19 c] for Dota 2. There are several changes in the update which directly ‘fix’ the International meta. We saw a few really strong heroes during the International which shaped the current Dota 2 meta. We have listed a few of the most influential changes in the current patch. Following them is an explanation of why they will change the current meta. 

Item Changes

Blade Mail

  • Cooldown increased from 20 to 25
  • Bonus armor reduced from 6 to 5

There is only one change to an item in the 7.19c patch. Blademail will see an increase in its cooldown from 20 seconds to 25 seconds. The extra five seconds can often mean a lot of damage lost during a team fight. In addition to this, Blademail will no longer provide 6 armor and instead just have 5 armor to its wearer.

Blademail is one of the items that has seen a lot of usage in the current meta. It was used in combination with Wraith King [ who has also seen significant nerfs] and created a very powerful combination.


  • Base strength reduced by 2
  • Searing Arrows mana cost increased from 10 to 12
  • Level 20 Talent reduced from +20 Health Regen to +16
  • Level 25 Talent reduced from +4s Strafe Duration to +3s

Clinkz has always been a hero who gets really big mid game and has a really good time afterwards. Now one of the biggest changes to Clinkz is the +2 mana cost to Searing Arrows. The Searing Arrows is the staple for Clinkz to get any sort of damage done. Now with the +2 mana cost, it will be very costly in terms of mana. In the current meta it is quite uncommon for Clinkz players to make Orchid of Malevolence. We see Clinkz players directly going for damage and later, they go for Scythe of hex.

Crystal Maiden

Arcane Aura allied mana regen reduced from 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.4 to 0.7/0.9/1.1/1.3

Crystal Maiden has received a series of nerfs. After nerfs to the Crystal Nova, Icefrog has now decided to reduce the mana regen of the hero. Considering the fact that Mana regen forms the core strength of Crystal Maiden, this is definitely a big nerf to the hero. It will have a significantly less presence in the early game.

Dark Willow

  • Brambles total damage reduced from 140/180/220/260 to 125/150/175/200
  • Shadow Realm cooldown increased from 30/24/18/12 to 32/26/20/14
  • Cursed Crown stun duration reduced from 2/2.5/3/3.5 to 1.75/2.25/2.75/3.25
  • Bedlam damage reduced from 60/120/180 to 60/110/160

We have seen numerous changes to Dark Willow. The hero is either in a good place or a bad place with each of the updates. This update sees a significant reduction in the Bramble Maze damage. So even if you cannot find your way through the Bramble and actually get caught, at least it will do much less damage to you.


  • Root now disables his Scepter ability


  • Strength rescaled from 19 + 1.3 to 16 + 1.5
  • Base movement speed reduced from 325 to 320
  • Base intelligence reduced by 2

Enchantress was extremely popular during the International. It was a tank with a lot of damage and it made the hero see a lot of play as a core. There were teams who would draft Enchantress in the early game and later transition it into a support role. An early enchantress pick essentially provided the teams with a lot of versatility in their performance as well as their draft.

The biggest change ofcourse is the reduction in the early game strength. Enchantress strength has gone down to 16 from 19, quite a significant change. In addition to this there have been nerfs to its damage [ via lower intelligence] as well as a slight reduction in movement speed.

Storm Spirit

  • Static Remnant damage reduced from 140/180/220/260 to 120/160/200/24


  • Fury Swipes damage per attack reduced from 15/20/25/30 to 12/18/24/30.
  • Earthshock damage reduced from 90/140/190/240 to 50/100/150/200.
  • Enrage damage multiplier rescaled from 1.5/1.75/2.0 to 1.4/1.7/2.0.

Vengeful Spirit

  • Movement speed reduced by 5
  • Magic Missile projectile speed reduced from 1250 to 900


  • Base intelligence reduced by 2
  • The Swarm cooldown increased from 35/30/25/20 to 44/36/28/20
  • Time Lapse cooldown increased from 60/50/40 to 70/55/40
  • Level 10 Talent changed from +20 Mana Break to +7 Strength
  • Level 15 Talent changed from +12 Strength to +20 Mana Break


  • Last Word damage rescaled from 150/200/250/300 to 120/180/240/300
  • Arcane Curse manacost increased from 105/115/125/135 to 125/130/135/140
  • Global Silence manacost increased from 250/375/500 to 300/450/600.

Arcane Curse has seen a huge [ almost 25% ] increase in mana cost. This severely punishes Silencer’s early game. At this rate, Silencer can only become viable in the mid-late game if it has a decent early game. With the huge mana cost for Arcane Curse, Silencer might see a huge drop-off in their pick rates in the upcoming months.


  • Desolate radius increased from 375 to 500
  • Dispersion rescaled from 10/14/18/22% to 7/12/17/22%
  • Haunt manacost increased from 150 to 150/200/250
  • Level 10 Talent changed from +15 Desolate Damage to +4 All Stats
  • The Level 15 Talent changed from +8 All Stats to +15 Desolate Damage
  • Level 25 Talent reduced from +8% Dispersion to +6%.

Spectre was undoubtedly the hero that ‘definitely’ needed a nerf with 7.19c. He had insane amounts of damage even at the early levels. He would often get extremely tanky and it would result in a very strong performance for his team later.

Spectre has seen huge nerfs to his dispersion ability. The dispersion talent will now be available at level 15 instead of level 10. This vastly reduces his damage early while still providing a decent chance at level 15. Further nerfs to Spectre include the reduction in the level 25 talent as well as the huge increase in mana cost to Haunt [ at higher levels ].

Wraith King

  • Wraithfire Blast stun duration rescaled from 2 to 1.1/1.4/1.7/2.0
  • The Wraithfire Blast base damage rescaled from 50/100/150/200 to 100
  • Wraithfire Blast DPS rescaled from 20/35/50/65 to 10/30/50/70
  • Vampiric Aura is now a melee only ability

Wraith King was the discovery at the International partly due to his excellent laning phase. A big part of his ability to stay in the laning phase is the huge amounts of early game damage from the WraithFire Blast. The WraithFire Blast DPS has been rescaled to just 50% of what it was previously. In addition to this, the stun duration is also just 1.1 second right now [ down from 2] This update might just push Wraith King out of the laning phase and completely out of the meta.

Other changes

There have been several other changes to heroes like Ursa, Zeus, Storm which can affect the meta. But the above-mentioned changes definitely will change the game as it is. Many of these heroes were overpowered and simply too difficult to handle in their current form. With these changes, it will be interesting to see how the meta progresses in Dota 2. The Kuala Lumpur Major qualifiers are currently underway. The Major itself will start in November 2018.

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