Team Owned FLASHPOINT To Feature $2 million Prize Pool

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FLASHPOINT is a team-owned League that will start in March 2020 and include over $2 million in prize money. 

The new League has announced six of its ten partner teams ahead of launch. The initial season will feature twelve teams, including ten partner teams and two qualifier teams. Counting some of the best CS:GO talents amongst its ranks, the FLASHPOINT League aims to “to address a lack of stability and long-term investments, and the immediate threat to team organizations of the establishment of a tournament organizer monopoly.”

The FLASHPOINT LEAGUE will launch in March, but the open qualifiers start on February 6, culminating in the Global qualifiers in Los Angeles on March 3-5, 2020. 

Tournament organizer FaceIT will be the league’s operator for the first few seasons. FaceIT will allow the tournament to put the focus on player benefits, drawing very little monetary gains in the initial years. FaceIT hopes to take an increased revenue share only once the League becomes profitable ensuring a sustainable environment for players, teams and the tournament organizer. 

FLASHPOINT aims to cater to a mature audience through banter-filled broadcasts, without sponsor-based restrictions. With a talent lineup comprising some of the best in the industry, FLASHPOINT looks set to bring quality content to CS:GO fans. 

FLASHPOINT will feature ten partner teams who will co-fund the $25 million League. The official announcement has already revealed six of the ten teams, and CS:GO fans can expect more news soon.

The six teams announced as co-founders of the league are as follows:

  • Gen.G.
  • Dignitas
  • MIBR
  • Cloud9
  • C0ntact
  • MAD Lions

What is FLASHPOINTS Format?

As CSGO teams strive to become profitable in the new decade, FLASHPOINT League is a turning point in esports. FLASHPOINT joins similar endeavours by fellow TOs in ESL Pro Tour and the BLAST Premier.

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