FNATIC, Cloud9, MiBR, TyLoo and more round off ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals

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This week marks the end of EPL Season 9 Europe, Asia and Americas group stages. This means that the list of teams taking part in the EPL S9 Finals is complete.

So, let’s take a look at the teams that made it this far. After all, this will be one of the biggest tournaments before the Summer break!

Coming from Asia and Oceania, Grayhound and TyLoo

As far as the Asian division of EPL goes, there weren’t many surprises. The favourite TyLoo had some issues making to this point, but they scrapped enough wins to qualify in the end.

From Australia, we have the fan-favourites Grayhound. In the first round of the group stage, Grayhound made a clear run against Chiefs, Avant and Ground Zero.

Then, in the second round, Grayhound was placed in a group with three teams. Unfortunately, for their opponents, ‘Sico’ & co had amazing performances and won without losing a single map. After winning over ORDER, they qualified for EPL S9 Finals.

TyLoo in the other hand struggled a bit more. MVP PK proved to be a real challenge for the Chinese squad and took one game from TyLoo in the initial round of the group stage.

In the second round, TyLoo reencountered MVP. In a very close match, ‘BnTeT’ team managed to win over the Koreans. They also had to face Lucid Dreams and Alpha Red, both who were pretty dangerous but failed to beat the favourites.

In EPL Season 9 Finals, TyLoo and Grayhound will be underdogs. However, teams like MiBR and HellRaisers will have to be aware of them. Both teams play in a different style that is known to cause upsets. FaZe and MiBR know this very well.

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FNATIC and North overcame dangerous threats in the second round of EPL Season 9 Europe

Topping out groups A and B from the second round of the group stage in Europe is FNATIC and North. The Swedish and Danish team faced a lot of problems getting here but managed to overcome those.

North started the tournament with their ex-IGL, cadiaN. With him, the team only got one win in the first round of the group stage. Still, that was enough to guarantee them another shot this week.

After swapping cadiaN for JUGi and ‘valde’ taking on the captain role, North surprised. Beating Heroic, Na’Vi and BIG, and only losing one map during it for Na’Vi guaranteed them a ticket for the Finals.

FNATIC started almost the same as North. In the first round, the Swedes only won one match, against Windigo. Coming for the second round, they started losing to OpTic. However, they quickly recovered and took down HellRaisers and Aristocracy.

It’s unwise to not consider FNATIC a real threat at this point. The Swedes still are struggling against the likes of ENCE and Liquid, but other than the top 3 teams, every other squad is a target for them.

North under ‘valde’ is too new to create such high expectative. Yet, they might be the dark horse that end up taking down a team like FaZe or G2. Both teams definitely want to impress, and right now, they are promising.


HellRaisers and Heroic concludes EPL Season 9 Europe

The two last teams coming from EPL Season 9 Europe were HellRaisers and Heroic. Both teams entered EPL with new players, and both are looking forward to see where the new signings can take them now.

HellRaisers had a real chance to make through the first group stage if not by Astralis, the best team in the world. The European mix showed a great style of CS and ‘oskar’ seemed revitalized.

In the second round, HellRaisers lost to FNATIC, however, winning over OpTic and Aristocracy guaranteed them a spot in the finals. Going forward, HellRaisers is counting on ‘ISSAA’ and ‘oskar’ to surprise fans in the Finals.

Heroic didn’t impress initially. The Scandinavian only won one match in the first round of EPL S9 Europe, against Aristocracy.

In the second round, though, they came in reinvigorated. With NaToSaphiX leading the charge, Heroic won over BIG and Natus Vincere. Taking s1mple’s team out of the equation, Heroic got their ticket to EPL S9 Finals.

Both teams are full of surprises and their potential to take out fan favourites is giant. Heroic, mainly, will certainly be on the watch to take teams that don’t take them seriously.


The final teams coming from Americas are MiBR and Cloud9

MiBR and Cloud9 were both surprised by Luminosity in the opening round of EPL S9 Americas. However, they knew that missing the Finals wasn’t an acceptable result at all.

MiBR was the first team to assure their place in the Finals in the second round. While being upset by Luminosity didn’t inspire much confidence on them going forward, they made it.

To achieve this, MiBR had to face Renegades, which was playing with a stand-in, Isurus and compLexity. None of those teams posed a threat for the Brazilians and their won their group without losing a single map.

Cloud9 had a similar path. Beating Infinite, eUnited and ultimately Ghost Gaming awarded them with a spot in EPL S9 Finals.

Overall, expectations for C9 are low. While cajunB and Autimatic keep being reliable players, RUSH and Golden recent form are underwhelming.

MiBR in the other hand is a puzzling team. FalleN still hasn’t figured how to properly use felps, and this is taking a toll in the team. However, should coldzera and fer play to their best, then MiBR could be seeing themselves in the playoffs already.


ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals will be one of the most stacked events of the year


Liquid, Astralis, ENCE, MiBR, Mousesports, FNATIC, NRG and more – CSGO fans definitely can’t miss EPL Season 9 Finals. The $750.000 event will be taking off June 18th in Montpellier.

And of course, if you are interested in taking a look at which teams made before the ones that we’ve discussed today, we’ve talked about them here. Also, don’t forget to follow our predictions page, where we will be covering EPL Season 9!

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