GameAgents League by Returns for Season 3 with a $20,000 Prize Pool

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What a Splash! GameAgents League by is Back. Now, the Boom is Even Bigger!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to announce that the GameAgents League by is coming soon. This will be the third season of the tournament and the prize pool is $20,000. X-Bet and GameAgents who successfully held all Invitational Seasons – 1,2, 3 decided to give all cybersport participants a new exciting chance to try their skills in one of the greatest competitions of CS: GO.

What should we expect from the tournament?


Luckily or not, there will not be any significant changes in the rules and conditions. 16 teams would be selected for participation in the third edition of GameAgents League by Over time, it has become a tradition to gather all the teams in Sweden and the tradition will continue with Season 3. April 29 – this day will be remembered as a date of fabulous GameAgents League Season 3. There will be a change with Season 3 and that is the new format for this year’s competition. The Swiss format which will provide a fair and accurate assessment of the teams’ performance in the Group sage. Let us remind you that all the previous seasons adhered to different formats. They also had a lower number of participants.  So which teams do you think we will have in Season 3?

The total number of attending teams for Season 3 is 16. The team names are listed below. Now, would you like to know about the strongest and most famous teams who are going to fight for the prize? 

The teams include several strong teams from the European scene. They include AGO, who managed to reach the second place in the WESG Finals. In addition, there are also teams such as Tricked, HAVU, ex-3DMAX. Pronax will also be attending with Team Ancient. Being one of the most decorated Swedish players, this tournament will be one of the first attempts for them to showcase their skill.

The other teams also have a chance to establish themselves as being a team which can challenge the others. For many teams, this tournament allows them the perfect opportunity to receive a challenge as well as possibly upset a few of the favourites at the event.

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Participating Team-List: 


  • Tricked
  • Havu
  • x-kom
  • expert
  • Izako Boars
  • Ancient
  • ex-3DMAX
  • ex-Fragsters
  • Chaos
  • Superjymy
  • GameAgents
  • Syman
  • Sharks
  • AGO
  • Nemiga

Prize Pool:

The league will feature a prize pool of $20,000. The prize pool distribution is top heavy with the top two teams receiving the lion’s share of the prize pool. The organisers want to ensure that the best teams receive the majority of the prize pool.

  • 12,000$
  • 6,000$
  • 1,000$
  • 1,000$

Make sure to tune in for the event. The stream will be live on Twitch.

X-Bet is happy to be a contributor of the GameAgents League. What is more, we’ll provide a full broadcast of all the battles in several languages, so feel comfortable in any way. All CS: GO lovers and enthusiastic fans are welcome to join us and enjoy the competition together. This is going to be a marvellous event, so take all your passion, support your favourite team and have the real esports satisfaction. Remember, X-Bet is not the only a good chance to watch and enjoy broadcasting, it is also a fantastic chance for young players to try their skills and fight with professionals. So, keep in mind, we’re waiting for you!


Final Words

Now, you know what kind of event there is going to be. Great! GameAgents League by is back after almost 4 years of absence. It is going to be an exciting tournament spread out over several weeks. Watch your favourite teams in action at the event as they progress through the Swiss format Group stage. The League starts on April 29 and the Grand final will take place on June 24.

X-bet – Get up to a €100

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