Ghostik leaves Team Empire, Kinguin to part ways with their Dota 2 Roster

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Ghostnik Leaves Team Empire

After more than two years, one of the more known CIS players – Ghostik – has left Team Empire. He joined the team in September of 2016. During that Team Empire has had some unstable performance but in the end Gostik was a part of the team that managed to get 7-8th place at TI 7, 5th place at DAC 2017 and many more.

Team Empire will most likely try some new players in order to fill in the role of Ghostik. We are yet to see who will be the player and whether the Russian team will be able to become a factor in the pro scene yet again.

Kinguin parting ways with their Dota 2 Roster

At one point in time during this Pro Circuit Season, Team Kinguin was one of the most promising teams around. They were able to put up a fight even against teams such as Team Liquid for example. One of their biggest achievements was during ESL One Katowice.

Despite that, the team most recently has failed to qualify for  TI 8, losing against BP. This came as a surprise, because most of the people were considering the Polish squad to be the favorites. All the negative results recently led to the current decision – Team Kinguin has decided to part ways with their Dota 2 team.

As far as we know, for now the team will still be sticking up together. We will be looking forward to see what will happen to the players.

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