Hat trick – OG are crowned The Boston Major champions!

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The Boston Major champions have been crowned! OG continues to write history with their third, consecutive Major title after a series of insane and thrilling matches versus the European underdogs, Ad Finem.

The boys in green have done it again! After four matches that kept our hearts racing and us cheering and gasping for both teams, the final blow was dealt by OG, crowning them champions of this year’s last Valve event and Dota 2 Major champions for the third time!

Also, despite their loss, Ad Finem have kept us at the very edge of our sets, after a crazy third game, in which the networth rested three times at the 0 mark, after a series of insane swings from one end to another.. A phenomenal turn of events, a jolt of godlike resolve and execution kept us cheering for the greek offensive and the final jab delivered by Earthshaker secured Ad Finem’s position in the matchup for at least one more game.

This unexpected performance from Ad Finem, brought caster Owen “ODPixel” Davies’ voice to heights that would easily rival Tobiwan’s highly meme’d and beloved “IT’S A DISASTAAAH!” reaction from the TI5 Grand Finals(here and here). It also broke him at this very moment, but the hype was felt by everybody who were watching the events unfold.

While many would’ve wanted the series to stretch all the way towards a fifth match, OG secured the title in their fourth game. N0tail’s calls regarding hero itemisation and dominating the frost troll to lower the incoming DPS from Ad Finem proved to be a set of game-winning decisions.

Split second reflexes have also kept us in awe as ganks and team fights pivoted on a single press of a button and the outcome would drastically change due to a sleight of hand from one player. With only 6 months of professional Dota 2 experience, Anathan “ana” Pham has risen to the rank of a lightning god with his astonishing and dazzlingly fast executions on Invoker, Ghost Walking in the blink of an eye or raining fire and death in an instant.

And last but not least, we concur with the analyst and casters panels to divide the MVP title among both teams supports who have also executed some of the best plays out there, some of which will undoubtedly go down in Dota 2 history.

The final moments of the Boston Major broadcast brought a sense of pride and achievement in the hearts of millions of fans, as PGL rolled out one last parting gift, a short montage of Dota  2’s patches countdown( or is it count up?) that led to the ultimate reveal of patch 7.00.

But let’s take a moment to map out each team’s road that lead to this monumental Grand Final:

Credits: Wykrhm Reddy

OG came in strong through a direct invite to the event, despite the roster shake up that brought in three new players, Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Tal “Fly” Aizik being the only two remaining members that were part of the original squad. OG rolled out guns blazing, securing the top seed in Group D and then almost effortlessly heading towards the Grand Finals.

The idea of OG securing another Major champion title started to materialise right after EG managed to take out the Boston favourites, Virtus.Pro. For many, the deal was sealed after OG made quick work of the american team, securing the first spot in the Grand Finals.

Credits: Wykrhm Reddy
Credits: Wykrhm Reddy

Ad Finem took the world by surprise after a clean sweep throughout the Boston Major EU Qualifiers, eliminating Team Secret and Team Liquid. The greek team lost some of their initial traction in the Group Stage, finishing third in Group D, first place being taken by OG.

But the team sprung back into action after they managed to eliminate the final two chinese teams and then made quick work of the second Boston underdog, Digital Chaos.

Many did not expect Ad Finem to score at least one point against the green juggernaut, chances of such result increasing as the third matched seemed to draw closer to a third OG victory… until it didn’t.

Now, with the end of another successful Valve event our attention turns towards the upcoming patch that just might bring forth Monkey King, Dota 2’s first unique hero as well as the recently announced Kiev Major, coming this Spring!

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