IEM Shanghai 2018 Grand Final Preview: Tyloo vs NRG

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A lion’s share of $250,000 is on the line as Tyloo and NRG prepare to enter the server in the Grand Final of IEM Shanghai 2018.

This will be NRG and Tyloo’s first ever meeting, which means the teams are unlikely to be aware of a major share of the other’s playbook.

Tyloo have already improved upon their 3rd place at CSGO Asia Championships 2018. Not only did they exact revenge on Virtus Pro but have also secured their best placing at a LAN event of such calibre for the season.

NRG on the other hand, look like they have already brushed aside their disappointment from the FACEIT Americas Minor. The North American stack will be looking to go one better than their 2nd place at StarSeries i-League Season 5 when they meet Tyloo in the grand final.

Whomsoever manages to win in Shanghai, it will be their first major LAN win. We take a closer look at the two teams.

Road to the Grand Final

Tyloo reached the semi-finals by brushing aside Grayhound and BOOT.d[S]. The Chinese organisation were the favourites to win against Virtus Pro. But, they were made to sweat for the win by the Polish stack. The match went all the way into Overtime in the decider before Tyloo stepped up. xccurate clutched a 1v2 to secure a place in the Grand Final for Tyloo.

Mr. Kevin Susanto delivers! (Picture Courtesy – HLTV)

NRG seemed shaky in the Group Stage. They conceded 10 rounds in the Best of 1 against 5Power and a map to HellRaisers in the Winners’ Match. But, it was in the semi-finals that the North American organisation showed their raw firepower on the server.

Gambit were dismantled on both the maps. The CIS giants managed just 11 rounds over two maps – 1 more than what 5Power managed in the Best of 1 against NRG.

Potential Map Veto

Tyloo gambled against Virtus Pro by picking Inferno. But, the Chinese organisation are unlikely to experiment in the grand final. Nuke is Tyloo’s permanent ban while NRG will continue to ban Dust2.

NRG have looked shaky on Mirage, which should see Tyloo revert to the said map as their choice. As far as NRG are concerned, Overpass will likely remain their preference.

Thereafter, Tyloo will remove Train. NRG should ban Cache, seeing as they have not looked confident on the map while their opponents have proven to be strong on the map. This should leave Inferno as the decider.


Tyloo 1-2 NRG

This game is expected to be an action packed one. With the teams equipped with insane firepower, we are likely to see several individual plays.

Both Tyloo and NRG should be able to take their map picks, Mirage and Overpass respectively. The Grand Final will go down to Inferno as the decider. Despite Tyloo’s best efforts, we expect NRG to overcome the Chinese organisation solely based on their recent results on Inferno.

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