IEM Shanghai 2018 Semi-Final 1 Preview: Tyloo vs Virtus Pro

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Tyloo will go up against Virtus Pro in the first semi-final of the IEM Shanghai 2018 LAN finals in an attempt to seal a berth in the finals.

Tyloo have looked a different beast since the addition of xccurate. BnTeT has taken over some of the burden of calling and it seems to have liberated his compatriot, who has been wielding the AWP with some swagger.

Virtus Pro on the other hand, have confirmed the capture of snatchie from AGO. But, the Polish stack are here with morelz. The 24-year-old will remain with the organisation as a backup member. But, for now, the focus will be on securing the IEM Shanghai title.

It all starts with the semi-final against Tyloo. We take a closer look at the two organisations.

Road To The Semi-Final

Tyloo breezed through the group stage. The Chinese organisation were pitted against Grayhound in their opener in Group B. Despite a tight first-half, Tyloo pulled through with a scoreline of 16-10. It was then time for BnTeT and xccurate to style on their compatriots. Tyloo decimated BOOT-d[S] in two maps, conceding just 11 rounds in total.

In form. (Picture Courtesy – HLTV)

Virtus Pro did stumble a bit before finding their way in Group A. HellRaisers beat the Polish stack 16-12, sending them into the lower bracket.

With their backs against the wall, Virtus Pro prevailed over 5Power in two grueling maps to set up a rematch with HellRaisers. MICHU lead the charge as Virtus pro swept away the CIS stack to set up a date with Tyloo in the semi-finals of IEM Shanghai 2018.

Potential Map Veto

It is likely to be an identical map veto to the time they met each other in CSGO Asia Championships 2018. Tyloo will remove Nuke, seeing as it is their automatic ban. Virtus Pro though, have shown they can be flexible with their choices. Nevertheless, we expect the Polish stack to ban Overpass.

Virtus Pro will pick Train as their map choice. Tyloo on the other hand, are likely to go with Mirage. Virtus Pro should remove Dust2, being wary of the raw firepower that their opponents possess.

This will leave Inferno and Cache as the choices. Tyloo should go for Cache, seeing as Virtus Pro have been perennially vulnerable on the map.


Tyloo 2-0 Virtus Pro

Tyloo are favourites going into the semi-final and with good reason. Virtus Pro are here with a standin in morelz. Even if they were here with a full roster, Tyloo would be looking to take revenge on the Polish stack for their losses in CSGO Asia Championships 2018 earlier in June.

Tyloo are uncomfortable on Train and could find trouble on the map. But, we expect the Chinese organisation to register a quick 2-0 over Virtus Pro. After all, Tyloo will be eager to play the final in front of the home crowd.

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