IEM Summer 2021 Preview: Five Storylines to Follow

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Counter-Strike action just won’t stop! After Flashpoint 3, fans and players are already getting ready for another premier CSGO event: IEM Summer 2021. Not only this event will see “Ancient” debuting on high-level professional play, there’s also plenty of ongoing stories which will be progressing here.

In order to keep up with the never-ending train of updates and news surrounding the CSGO esports scene, let’s take a look at five storylines happening in IEM Summer 2021.

FNATIC’s future is on the line

JW comes to IEM Summer 2021 after promising better results

There have been few teams as disappointing as FNATIC in 2021. The Swedish team has failed to reach any expectation set for them. The team finished in last place in Flashpoint 3 and second-last in ESL Pro League Season 13.

So, if there has been any time for a revival, IEM Summer is it. Coming to this event, this roster needs to show some results. “JW”, one of the legendary players still with the team, has acknowledged their results. However, acknowledgement is not enough.

During IEM Summer 2021, FNATIC needs to show something completely different than what they have until now. “Golden”, FNATIC’s captain, will need to step-up individually and work on his tactics. JW desperately needs to see himself out of his ongoing slump.

If these two can’t step-up, then it might as well be over for this FNATIC roster. It’s obvious the organization is growing impatient, and so far, this five-men roster failed to show signs of greatness.

A new rivalry on the horizon for IEM Summer 2021

device heads to IEM Summer for his second tournament with the Ninjas

During Flashpoint 3 we had many interesting games. However, two matches in specific caught the attention of many. These two matches were encounters between Ninjas in Pyjamas and G2. G2 took the first game, but NiP ended with the second game as a win.

Ninjas in Pyjamas recently added “device” to their roster. During Flashpoint 3, NiP proved to be already very close to those teams amongst the best five in the world.

G2, in the other hand, has been showing solid results tournament after tournament. While they couldn’t beat NiP’s in their final encounter in Flashpoint 3, it’s clear that they will put a challenge to any team in the world.

Now we have IEM Summer 2021 with both teams running-up. While we won’t see them facing each other during the group stage, the stakes will be incredibly high in a possible encounter during the playoffs., This rivalry will only get better from here on.

OG and Virtus.Pro aim to prove themselves during IEM Summer 2021

OG's Valde has a difficult task ahead of him comes IEM Summer 2021

It has been some rough days for both OG and Virtus.Pro. Both teams, especially Virtus.Pro, kicked off May with high expectations. Of course, they are closing the month with mixed results.

In OG’s case, the team is coming hot to IEM Summer 2021 of finishing last-place in Flashpoint 3. However, in OG’s defense, this was only the second non-qualifier event that the roster took part of. But their time to show signs that they are a team to be taken seriously is coming up.

Virtus.Pro, in the other hand, has the same roster their started 2021 with. Still, their results are vastly different now. The team recently finished last in FunSpark ULTI 2020 Final, and the team isn’t quite looking the same they were earlier this year.

For IEM Summer 2021, Virtus.Pro hopes to find the same rhythm they had in past months. Back then, they were a serious contender to claim the place of best CSGO team in the world.

As for OG, they need to show improvements. Not reaching the playoffs would already put some pressure on the team going forwards. Finishing last is unthinkable.

Evil Geniuses and Complexity needs to show results in IEM Summer 2021

stanislaw, Evil Geniuses leader, won't have an easy tournament in IEM Summer 2021

While FNATIC is in a very sad state, Evil Geniuses and Complexity aren’t much better. Both teams are facing various difficulties, and their results show this.

Evil Geniuses situation is a serious one. Out of 18 games since February, EG has only won 5. There’s no other word to classify these results other than “terrible”. To make matters worse, EG latest showing was abysmal; the team lacked cohesion, looked weak, and tactically, EG was outdated.

Complexity situation isn’t as dire as EG’s, but isn’t much better either. The team is lacking results, but at times there are signs that the team is trying to improve. Tactically, Complexity gets overwhelmed easily, but there’s still a lot of talent on the roster.

IEM Summer 2021 might be the last time we see this EG. The organization is one of the last few still investing in North American CS, and it would be a shame to see them go. At this point, however, it seems the most possible outcome.

Complexity still can change their future if they can get some results here. It’s up to “blameF”, the team captain, to finally use his pieces right and surprise everyone. If he doesn’t, then Complexity might start looking for leaders that will do do what he couldn’t.

Gambit wants another trophy

The current best team in the world keeps their momentum going as they enter IEM Summer 2021. Gambit, the leading squad of the Eastern Europe rise, is looking just as hot as they were when they won IEM Katowice 2021.

Still, Gambit won’t have an easy time reaching IEM Summer 2021’s trophy. While Heroic hasn’t been quite the same team that took Gambit’s trophy in EPL Season 13, Gambit will now have to face both G2 and NiP.

Both teams will be more than able to put a fight against Gambit. Furthermore, after losing to Natus Vincere twice in the last few weeks, G2 and NiP will have plenty of material to study. Even Astralis might be packing a surprise in a possible encounter.

Gambit is the team to beat in IEM Summer 2021. While their nemesis, Na’Vi, won’t be participating, underestimating any team here is asking for trouble. Expect to see incredible matches between Gambit and any opponent they might find in the competition.

IEM Summer 2021 starts this Thursday!

Soon enough, we will all be tuning up to watch the first matches of IEM Summer 2021! Starting with a best-of-one series of matches to open the tournament, the action will see sixteen teams competing for the $250,000 prize pool.

In order to get fully detailed match previews and keep up with everything esports, keep up with us!

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