How Immortals can come back to CS:GO Pro Scene?

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Since Noah Whinston announced that Immortals was parting ways with ‘kNg’s trio’, Immortals couldn’t compete in top level, even when ‘steel’ and ‘boltz’ were still part of the team.

Now after the team officially disbanded and the organization is left without a CSGO roster, Whinston announced that they would still be part of the CS:GO scene in the future and would be looking to compete in the highest level once again, and we will probably be seeing the brand in action to restore their roster as soon as the Boston Major comes to a close.

However, how they will do it, what are the possibilities and options they have? Let’s take a look on how the North American organization can get back a spot in the CSGO pro scene.

The Danish Acquisition

Last week it was reported that some players of the current Astralis rosters are considering offers before they renew with the organization and the trio of ‘Xyp9x’, ‘Kjaerbye’ and ‘dupreeh’, that is reported to be looking into offers might be a target for Immortals.

Having those three after the upcoming major would mean that IMT would already secure a Legend spot for the mid-year Major, not only this, but then they could complete the team with ‘RUBINO’, who already have experience in playing with Danish teams,JUGi’ from Heroic who is clear the star of his team ordennis’, that played really well within the team during his stand-in time at BLAST Pro Series.

This European mix would be a very interesting team to watch and would put IMT among the top 10 teams in the world in no time once again.

Humble Return

Now, acquiring a roster on the level of the one presented above might be a little expressive for IMT that just spent $20 millions on the OverWatch League, so they might go for another option that also surged during this week with the Counter Logic Gaming announcement that they would be finishing their CSGO division and their players are now playing as ‘Unemployed for Christmas’.

Of course, this means that the organization won’t be competing in the top level for at least some time, but they would have a top 5 team in North America doing the right contracts. For example, Immortals could pick up:

  • nahtE’, ‘XotiC’ and ‘reltuC from ex-CLG
  • stanislaw that is now a free agent
  • Pollo from GX

This would be probably a cheap alternative, but also wouldn’t be a team that we will be seeing in Majors, so given the speech that Nolan published, this won’t be it or at least this wouldn’t last long as they would begin to do changes as they would be trying new things they couldn’t as CLG for financial reasons.

European Renegades

Now, OpTic already did this when they recreated their CSGO team with pros from the European scene.

So can Immortals do it too?

They might do! This European mix, if managed better than Dignitas and OpTic can do damage and often be that dark horse in group stage that is able to upset any team in a good phase.

For this, Immortals would need to pick IoWel’, ‘RUBINO’, ‘dennis and ‘k1oshima’, all free agents as now. However, this roster would be a victim of the same problem that both teams mentioned earlier had – they don’t have a proper In-Game Leader.

This could be solved adding someone like ‘Ex6TenZ’, that now plays for LDLC but he would be inviable as he don’t speak English, the same could be said for ‘Snappi, the current Heroic leader. Their solution might be hidden in Danish CS, maybe if they can convince someone like ‘cadiaN’ to play this role and he manages to put up all of his experience, then this team could do some damage even on Majors.

American Mix

Let’s be wild here – what if Immortals is wanting to do something like Team Liquid did, a mix between Americas?

For this, Immortals would need to call ‘felps once again and pick some North American stars to help him to be back for another Major.

If ‘n0thing’ can come back to the pro scene, they might have a experienced in-game leader, alongside those two, they could sign ‘nahtE from Unemployed for Christmas, ‘yay’ from complexity as their awper and to close the team they could call ‘SicK’ that is playing as now for Misfits.

This team would be certainly very interesting to watch as it would put two veterans of the high level scene along three players who never played against the likes in the top 10, but at least in paper, this team could make to Majors and even win regional events, competing for a top 3 spot on North America region.

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