Introduction to Esports Betting

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Enter the world of gaming and it’s no longer just a pastime activity, it’s actually turned into a million dollar business and all eyes are orbiting around the world of video gaming known as Esports.Most play games for fun but it was only a matter of time until it became a legitimate business which now brings together online gaming specialist from around the globe!.

What is Esports betting?

The Esports betting market has exploded and it’s not just about playing to win but also playing to earn some extra cash and who can say no to that? Catching onto the trend are some of the best bookmakers around, offering punters attractive odds in this increasingly popular market. The beauty of this industry is that we have neither a lack of teen gamers nor a lack of games which has made the Esports world increasing prowess and the best games to bet on at the moment include, League of Legends, DOTA 2, CS:GO and Starcraft 2.

How popular is this market?

There maybe millions who do not play but are fixated by online video gaming sites as these ditigal sportsmen battle it out to win big cash prizes of over $2m.


*Newzoo, the leading market research company for the gaming industry confirms that there were over 205m viewers in 2014 and this suggest that estimate Esports revenues for fans is worth $2.22m and they forecast there this industry to double by 2018. There are plenty of people who already understand Esports, did you know that in January 2014, over 67 million people played League of Legends per month? And the 2014 World Championship final was watched by over 26.5 million people and that was only in the United States.

The Top E-Sports Betting Sites

We’ve done your research for you, not all operators are offering Esports bets but this year we’ve seen some of the best bookmakers jump on the video gaming wagon. So which sportsbook should you choose? You’ll find our detailed review on the following bookmakers: Pinnacle, Bet at Home, William Hill, Bet365 here.

Esports Betting Strategy

Betting on this market is going to be a lot of fun but why stop when there is some serious cash to be made? In order to do that, here are some things you should know to help you on your way to pick that winning bet:


The games:

Here are a list of the most popular Esports games to bet on:

The Players and Teams:

Before placing your bet, read up on the players and teams, catch up with the latest news, like the recent 2015 league of legends world championship to access details of the top teams and players, follow the gaming community on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and even Reddit. For example, topping the Esports players list recently, Saahil Arora travels around the world and pockets over $1m a year. Basically, these players can be compared to your traditional football players, they need swift reflexes, strategic tactics and be a team player.

Now the teams and this is extremely important. Bettors should be looking out for best teams in the world to also give them a fighting chance to win. Did you know SKT T1, a Korean team is the number 1 team in the world? One of their main competitors in Europe is Fnatic, betting on a head-to-head between these two teams, one might be inclined to go for the SKT T1. However, should you bet on more regional teams from Korea, you are left with tricky decisions to make.

Understand the game

If you’re not much of a gamer, it can be hard to predict the outcome of the matches. But not all is lost, you don’t even to be an expert gamer, just acquaint yourself with the basics. Get a basic understanding of the games by watching the live streaming of the games on Twitch or Youtube.  

The Best Esports betting bonuses

The ultimate goal here is to beat the bookies and in order to boost your chance, we recommend you take full advantage of the bookmaker bonus offers. We have done the groundwork for the Esports betting market and below you will see the top bonus offers available today.

Go ahead, we know you can win the betting battle!!!!

*source newzoo website

The author

We are a team of Esports fanatics having followed the esports market for over 10 years now. We go to plenty of live tournaments and want to dedicate this site to all our fans. On this page you will find match coverage and expert betting tips for all major tournaments.

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