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The Kiev Major is set to take place at the National Palace of Arts in Kiev from the 27th till 30th of April 2017. The $3,000,000 prize pool tournament is the first Valve sponsored event to be held in CIS region.

The Kiev Major will feature sixteen teams for the tournament. Eight of these teams have been directly invited while the remaining eight teams have qualified via the online qualifiers.

With the online qualifiers over, we now have the list of the sixteen teams that will participate at the next Dota2 Major. The qualifiers saw some interesting and aggressive plays by various teams. Certain regions were packed with talent and really close games, while certain others had comparatively less coverage and attention from the media.

The eight qualifier slots were divided into:

  • Europe : 1
  • North America : 1
  • South America : 1
  • CIS : 1
  • China : 2
  • SEA : 2

North American Qualifier – Team Onyx

Team Onyx

The North American Major qualifiers  saw regional favorites Team NP losing to Complexity in the semifinals. Team Onyx which consists of Abed, Bulba Demon amongst others progressed to win the qualifiers through the lower bracket. They faced Complexity in the finals. Complexity are the team which had knocked Team Onyx down into the losers bracket. However Complexity failed to rise to the occasion and the pressure of the finals got the better of them. They lost to a team that is untested on LAN in their current format. Team Onyx are the champions of the NA Regional Qualifier.

North American Qualifier

Team Onyx Roster consists of:

  • Mason
  • Abed
  • Bulba
  • Demon
  • Dubu

European Qualifiers – Team Secret


Puppey has marked his way into yet another Major via Team Secret. Team Secretś results over the past few months are not something to be proud of. However the team has been slowly and quietly building itself into a strong contender for the qualifiers. Alliance were their challengers in the finals, but they were not able to compete against Puppey´s team.

EU Qualifiers

Team Secret roster:

  • MVP
  • Midone
  • Khezu
  • Pieliedie
  • Puppey

CIS Qualifiers – Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro were the undoubted favorites from the CIS qualifiers. However another team that really surprised everyone by their run through the qualifiers was NaVi. Dendi was especially brutal with his game. Even in the matches where the opponents were clearly targetting Dendiś Shadow Fiend, he proved to be the winning factor by changing the gameplay altogether.

NaVi were quite astute in their draft phase and landing phase. Their most notable lane swap was pushing Leshrac as the solo safe lane in their match against Team Spirit. However when matched up against Virtus Pro in the finals, they fell flat on their face and were unable to win a single match.

CIS Qualifier

NaVi Dota2 roster:

  • Pajkatt
  • General
  • Dendi
  • Rmn
  • Biver

South America Qualifiers – SG eSports

SG e-sports

The South American region has long faced bad pings while trying to qualify for Dota2 Major events. This event saw them being guaranteed at least one spot. The qualifiers did not have much coverage and SG eSports managed to win through most of their matches to qualify from the region.

A video which became viral from the region after SG eSports managed to qualify truly depicts the happiness and the excitement from the players.

South America Qualifiers

The SG e-Sports roster:

  • Hfn
  • 4dr
  • Tavo
  • C4t
  • KingRD

China Qualifiers : IG.Vitality & IG

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.03.56

China is one of the most talented and stacked regions in Dota2. Almost all the teams that participated in the tournament had a chance at qualifying for the Major. With multiple IG teams participating it was almost sure that one of them would make it to the Major. Vici Gaming suffered a narrow loss to Burningś IG in the loser’s bracket finals. Ultimately IG and IG.Vitality qualified for the Major.

China Qualifiers

Invictus Gaming


Burning Paparazi
OP Sakata
XXs Injuly
Boboka Dogf1ghts
Q Super

SEA Qualifiers – Faceless and TNC

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.11.54

The South East Asia region has evolved into one of the strongest Dota2 regions over the past few years. The enthusiasm of the gamers and the interest in Dota2 meant multiple tournaments in the region. Recently Manila Masters was announced by ESL in collaboration with the Mineski.Events team. A university in Malaysia is allowing certificate courses in Dota2.

The qualifiers were the most stacked amongst all the qualifiers. With teams such as TnC, Execration, Mineski, Clutch Gamers, Faceless in contention these matches were the most exciting to watch.

All the matches in the Group stage were excruciatingly close and a few positional advantages was what secured the win for  most of the teams. While Faceless won the qualifiers after going through the winners bracket it was not an easy path.

The TNC pro team went to three maps in each of their series in the qualifiers. Ultimately they did manage to defeat Mineski to qualify for the Kiev Major.

SEA Qualifiers

Team Faceless

TNC Pro Team

Black Raven
Jabz KuKu
IceIceIce Sam_H
xy Tims
Nutz ryoyr

With the completion of the qualifiers, the sixteen teams at the Kiev Major will be:

Sixteen teams at Kiev Major

The Kiev Major is going to be extremely exciting especially with Virtus Pro and the two IG teams coming via the qualifiers. We also have Faceless who can proceed to upset the aspirations of some of the top teams.

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