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May 23rd – May 30th


Since Esports Betting Tips is your No1 destination for all your eSports betting needs, it only makes sense that we should get you all the news you want to make the best decisions.

We may have the best bet predictions, but there are times you want to know that extra something: roster changes, team disputes, championship updates. After all, we all love Esports, and it eventually pays off to stay updated on the scene.

Every week, Esports Betting Tips will bring you the hottest news in the LoL scene.

This Week’s Hottest League of Legends News

League Championship Series Summer Split 2016

Summer is ideal for two things: beach escapes and championship breaks. Most sports have a summer break, and LoL is no different.

This week there is a major renovation coming in LCS. With North America introducing best-of-threes and Europe best-of-twos, you can expect a very different schedule taking place.

Here are the details for both NA and EU:



The LCS is changing rapidly, and this format is going to bring us some interesting games.
What should you expect? Keep on reading.

NA LCS Matches to Watch:

North America starts with a classic TSM vs CLG match. After their exciting match-up during the Spring Split Finals, you can expect an exciting battle.

The other game to watch is definitely Cloud9 Vs Immortals.

EU LCS Matches to Watch:

Don’t miss the first match of the bunch: Origen vs G2 Esports. There is a certain appeal to Vitality vs Fnatic as well, since they were so close during the last split!


LCK Recap & Matches to Watch

Are you following the Korean Standings? You can check what happened last week here.

The series to keep an eye out for are definitely the games between SKT and KT Rolster. KT is out for revenge and they will stop at nothing to get it.


LPL Recap and Matches to Watch

The two Chinese powerhouses, Edward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up, must be on your watchlist.

You can check the schedule and last week’s results here.


Teams – Roster

LoL has a vibrant Esports presence. Each week we will go through all the changes in roster: Players coming, players going; teams forming, teams breaking up. Everything you need to know about the ever-changing landscape of the League of Legends competitive scene.

22.05 – 30.05


  • HolyPhoenix rejoins HWA Gaming.
  • Crystal and Arphan leave Dark Passage.


  • Flash Husky qualifies for LMS 2016 Summer Season.
  • MooN leaves Kuala Lumpur Hunters.
  • KoW retires from Super Hype Gaming.


Latin America South:

  • Wingz banned from competitive play for 14 days for discriminatory expressions.
  • Lfante and Weixen join Freedom Dive. PkerHide leaves.


Latin America North:

  • Choisix leaves Brawl.Lan and Keoo moves to support.
  • Kyore joins Revenge eSports as head coach.
  • Fottiti joins Zaga Talent Gaming while Herrscher and Kastiel leave.
  • DrPuppet joins Galactic Gamers as analyst.


North America:

  • Eanix Team is formed with Team Dragon Knights’s NACS seed. Shortly after, Bischu and Trance leave.
  • Procxin, LOD, and Nientonsoh join team EnVyUs.
  • Phoenix1 team is formed with Team Impulse’s NA LCS. Roster: zig, Brandini, Inori, Slooshi, Pirean, Mash, and Gate.
  • Dardoch of Team Liquid is suspended for behavioral issues.



  • U leaves Snake eSports.



  • Major changes in 7th Heaven. Corn (ex-Rascal Jester) and Rokenia (ex-Hong Kong Esports) join. SpawN (ex-Rascal Jester) joins as a coach. Shinmori retires. Lillebelt and Inu retire from Rascal Jester.



    • Paradise, Chenyboy, and Jayke join Avant Garde.


  • Raintear and Stark leave Avant Garde.


  • Jayke leaves Trident Esports.
  • A player exchange between Legacy eSports and Dire Wolves: Regret9 for Cuden.
  • Nuovo Gaming is formed and takes on Infernum Gaming’s OCS seed. New members include Jakattack, Cheese, and Stealthix.

Editor’s News Pick of the Week

League of Legends is one of the few competitive games that managed to get a P1 North American visa for its players in the past. After William “Leffen” Hjelte, probably the best Super Smash Bros player in the world, was deported from the States because he held a tourist visa instead of a work visa, eSports fans held a petition to make the government consider the competitive video-games scene as a legitimate sport. To get a response from the White House, the petition needed 100.000 signs by the 29th of May. As of today, the petition stands at 116,815 signs. White House has to deal with the matter, and in the case of a favorable decision, the eSports scene is heading for a major recognition.

Keep on Betting

Exciting stuff are coming to the LoL scene. Keep on playing and watching, and don’t forget to bookmark esports-betting-tips for all your eSports betting needs.

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