LoL World Championsips Day 4 Recap and the matchups for the knockout Phase

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Round 1 of the Play-in matches for the League of Legends Worlds Championships comes to an end with four teams eliminated. The remaining teams proceed to the Round 2 of the Play-in Stage which will resume on October 5th.

Day 4 Group A Matches

Group A saw no more upsets on Day 4 after Dire wolves managed to defeat Infinity esports in their first Play-In Match.

Infinity esports vs Edward Gaming


In what is one of the biggest upsets in the Play-in Stage, Infinity esports managed to stage a strong comeback in this match. Despite being down and out for most of the match, they held on ultimately winning the match. It was a crucial match for the team as a loss here would have pushed them closer to elimination. Infinity esports already lost their first match in the Play-in Stage to Dire Wolves. A loss against Edward Gaming would not have been a surprise especially since the skill gap between the two teams.

With this victory, Infinity kept their hopes for Worlds alive especially after going down 0-2 on Day 2.

Infinity vs Dire Wolves

Infinity esports shocked everyone after their surprise victory over Edward Gaming. But they still had a long way to go before they would be safe. Still reeling in at 1-2 scoreline, Infinity esports needed the win against Dire Wolves to stay afloat in the Championship.

They had a much superior draft this time around and were able to deal immense amounts of damage to their opponents. The Infinity esports team looked much improved and significantly better than their performance in the previous matches.

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Edward Gaming vs Dire Wolves

This game had the potential of creating a tie-breaker situation in Group A. If Edward Gaming were to lose this match, it would mean that all three teams have a 1-1 score. However, Edward Gaming brought forth their dominance and asserted themselves as the superior team.

Dire Wolves tried to surprise their opponents with a Level 1 invade with the hopes of gaining an advantage for themselves. Instead, they ended up handing Edward Gaming a big advantage, one that they could not recover from. Edward Gaming built on their early advantage with one success after the other. Soon they transitioned into obtaining objectives which would result in the team easily emerging victorious. Dire Wolves’ hopes were crushed after this defeat and they are now eliminated from the Worlds.

Day 4 Group B matches

SuperMassive vs G2

The first match of the Day 4 was a chance at redemption for Day 1. G2 is a team that is feared by many teams across the Worlds. They have a high amount of damage and can be very dominating when they play to their strengths. The team has an innate focus on objectives and extending their lead via a well-thought-out macro play.

G2 had a very aggressive playstyle to match that of SuperMassive. This was quite contrary to their previous match against SuperMassive, where G2 took the backseat and waited for SuperMassive to make the plays. Realising that they had no control over that match, we saw a resurgent G2 making the plays in this matchup.

G2 won the match quite comfortably, in the end, taking their revenge on SuperMassive for their match earlier.

Ascension loses to both G2 and SuperMassive


Ascension has been unable to make an impact at the Worlds. They play-in stage saw them losing all their Group stage matches to G2 and SuperMassive. While they did have periods of individual brilliance, the Ascension team was never able to take any control in the mid-game.

The lack of an objective focus from Ascension coupled with a slightly weaker draft and weak chemistry saw them going 0-4 in the Group stage. By the team it was their turn to play against G2, Ascension was already out of the Worlds. It was a formality of a match which G2 managed to close out in just 26 minutes.

The Tie-breaker Match between G2 and SuperMassive

G2 and SuperMassive faced each other yet again in the Tie-Breaker match. The two teams have already played each other twice in the Round 1 of the Play-In stage. With G2 taking on different approaches to both the games, this match would be an important test for both the teams.

The two teams had already qualified for the Knockout Phase of the Play-in stage. However, this tie-breaker match would be an all-important one. The decision of the seeding in the Group becomes important especially when you consider the quality of opposition that can be a potential in the Knockout phase.

G2 continued with their aggressive approach to the game and never let the pressure off SuperMassive. The focus on the bot lane essentially crippled Supermassive and they never were able to recover. Fabfabulous was unable to win a 1v1 against the G2 top lane player and by then it was evident that Supermassive was only delaying the inevitable. G2 had full control of the map and they ensured that their victory was complete and swift. With this victory, G2 took the top seeding in the Group.

The LoL World Championships Play-in Stage Round 2 Matchups

The Knockout phase of the Play-in Stage will continue on October 5th. There are eight teams in contention and only four will proceed to the next stage, which is the Group stage of the Worlds.

Here are the final matchups for the Knockout Phase at LoL World championships.

  • Cloud9 vs Gambit Esports.
  • Edward Gaming vs DetonatioN FocusMe.
  • G2 esports vs Infinity esports.
  • G-Rex vs SuperMassive esports.

You can catch all the action live starting from October 5th. All the matches will be streamed live on Riot Gaming’s Twitch and Youtube Channels.

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