PSG.LGD win WeSave!’s Charity Play in China

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Even though the fans expected Vici Gaming to be the team that lifted the trophy,  that was not the case. Instead, it was PSG.LGD that was able do deliver its knock-out punch.

Expected result

Despite the fact that LGD was one of the most underperforming teams, it  was time for this to change. After several roster changes, it seems like the Chinese team has finally found the way to success.

After the changes, Chalice is now back in the carry position where he shines the most. Even though some people doubted him, the Chinese prodigy absolutely ripped through the competition yesterday.


In fact, he was the star of n the show in all three games. While it’s true that Vici Gaming had its chances, LGD were the better team in the grand final. As a result, they’ve ended up winning the series with a clean 3-0 and became the winners in their region

What’s next?

Yesteday, we got to see Evil Geniuses ripping through the competition. This was expected, even though there were a couple very dangerous NA teams.

Today, we will be able to learn who is going to be the champion in Europe and South America. Be sure to watch the series because they are going to be awesome.

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