LOL: EU LCS – Week 8, Day 1 Predictions

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Week 7 was a week of upsets, with multiple teams being able to surprise us. H2K won their first game – against Splyce of all teams. Fnatic was beaten by Vitality and on top of this, Misfits went 0-2.

After a week like that, one thing is certain – no games are 100% certain, but it doesn’t mean we won’t try and predict the outcomes for Week 8.

Let’s have a look at our matches!

Roccat vs Splyce

If we ignore H2K vs Splyce from last week, this would be an easy prediction to make. But we can’t ignore games. Splyce did not look as convincing at all and were at a deficit after the 13th minute. Even with 3 early kills, H2K out-farmed and outplayed Splyce. However, Roccat went 0-2 last week as well. They had a convincing lead against Giants, but ended up losing due to mistakes in the late game and because they played too safe and without certainty.

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Roccat winning is at a 2.10 return, while a Splyce win is at 1.65.

I think Splyce were surprised by H2K and their substitute mid-laner Larssen performed very well. While it is worrying that Splyce couldn’t capitalize on their lead, they have plenty of other games that show that they normally are able to. Roccat on the other hand, have shown uncertainty in the mid- and late-game multiple times. Therefore, this should be a Splyce win.

Misfits vs H2K

H2K finally did it. They won a game last week, breaking their 0-13 streak. However, Larssen who was their substitute in mid, has gone back now and Selfie is expected to start this week, but that could change. It will be interesting whether H2K can ride the moral high of winning a game, or whether things fall back to as before without the substitute coming in.

Misfits who were alone at the top of the standings have now lost that place and gone on a losing spree. Maxlore is still a great jungler, and they still have strong players in their other roles, but Misfits haven’t been able to play around Alphari efficiently. They need to go back to playing around their bot lane and leave Alphari alone – as he has shown that he can handle himself anyway. It is hard to bet against Misfits as they are the better team.

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A 4.00 return on H2K makes that a very tempting risk. Especially since Misfits winning is only at a return of 1.20.

Without knowing what H2K’s roster will look like it is also hard to say how they will play. The moral boost of winning a game could go long ways and last week could be the start of several upsets to come.

Unicorns vs G2

This is a game of chaos and when it comes to skirmishes G2 are happy to comply. While they fell to Fnatic, they still looked decent and they should have no problem taking down the Unicorns.

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Unicorns winning offers a 3.20 return, while G2 winning is only at 1.30.

However, while last week shows that upsets definitely can and do happen, this match seems quite heavily G2 favoured, simply because of how the teams’ play styles compare.

Fnatic vs Giants

Giants went 2-0 last week, even taking down Misfits. Against Roccat, it could be argued that they were handed the win as they were down a significant amount of gold, but they still fought back and took the win, which is what matters. Fnatic have been performing very well. They lost to Vitality but beat G2. Giants shouldn’t cause an issue for them, but they need to put Caps on mid-game champions or carrys who can get ahead. Should he pick Azir and aim for late game, it could cause Fnatic to collapse as they seem unused to playing with him on that type of champion that is more control oriented. That said, against Giants, it might not matter as much as Fnatic as a whole should be able to take the game regardless of whether they experiment or not.

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Fnatic winning offers a 1.25 return, while Giants winning is at 3.55.

Schalke04 vs Vitality

Schalke has gone from stronger to stronger, now having taken down both G2 and Misfits. They did lose to Fnatic two weeks back and will have a 0-2 record against them, but other than that, they are now showing that they are a top of the region team. All they have to do is continue performing the way they have. Nukeduck has been instrumental in their wins, last week showing off Vel’koz mid. But the key has been the team playing better as a whole and taking charge of the games.

What makes this match so interesting is that Vitality has also been rising. They not only also went 2-0 last week, but one of those games was against Fnatic, who had been  (and still is) the dominating team. A lot of this game will be decided in champ select. While I think Cabochard might find an advantage in the top-lane, Visiczaczi knows how to play from behind and especially if he picks a tankier champion, then it won’t matter in teamfights as much. In Schalke’s favour is the mid-lane. It could be worth banning out Ryze from Jizuke as it is one champion he seems very comfortable on. Or perhaps let him have it and plan a strong counter pick, like putting Nukeduck on Zed. Ultimately, I would favour Schalke.

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The return on them winning is at the lower 1.65, while Vitality winning is at 2.10.

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