LOL NA LCS Match Predictions – Week 1, Day 2

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We’ve now run through all of the EU LCS games and the first half of the NA LCS games, so here are the last five games to finish off the predictions for this week. Without further redo, let’s dive right in!

Team Solo Mid vs FlyQuest

There are three matches tonight that feel like they have very obvious results written in them. This is the first. TSM are a powerhouse, not like the one they once were, but they are hoping to take back the NA crown this split, while FlyQuest has not shown much at all. They did manage to take a game off TSM in the spring split, but since then TSM had has more time to play together and work out their issues.

TSM winning is only at a 1.25 return, so if you want a super gamble and want to hope that FlyQuest manage to take a win somehow, then be my guest, since if they by some miracle do win, you would get a 3.55 return. I don’t have that faith. I think TSM will be ready to fight for first place in NA again.

Prediction: TSM Win

Team Liquid vs Golden Guardians

This is the second match that seems highly unlikely to go a way that would result in a decent payoff.

Team Liquid winning is at 1.20, while GG winning is at 4.00.

That’s the highest return of the night. Again, for good reasons. TL managed to win the whole NA LCS spring split playoffs, while GG ended up last in the tables with only 4 wins in the entire split. As has been mentioned before, betting on something because it has good returns is wasted money unless the team can actually win.

Prediction: TL Win

Counter Logic Gaming vs 100 Thieves

CLG has a 2.10 return on them winning, while 100T have 1.65.

The numbers are closer because the game is harder to call. CLG, despite not really having true “star” players, have often shown to have good communication and teamwork, which nets them some wins. However, looking back at the spring split, 100T was not one of the teams that CLG could conquer.

100T have shown that they are synchronized as a team and play very well together, despite being a “new” team. 100T have shown good macro and decisiveness in the past and I think they will continue to show that this split.

Prediction: 100T Win

Clutch Gaming vs Echo Fox

Of the day 2 games, this might be the hardest to call. That said, if we look at the teams historically, then the last time they faced each other, Echo Fox destroyed them 3-0 in the best of 5 series for third place.

Problem is not many teams care about 3rd place matches, so that stat is less relevant. During the actual split, the teams went 1-1. Both teams have star players who are more than capable of making plays and carrying their teams. The question is down to who has figured out the patch better and who has the better read on the other team.

Since to me, the match is hard to call, I would lean towards Clutch Gaming, as the return is 2.30, rather than the 1.55 that it is for Echo Fox. Of course, Huni could just pop off and completely annihilate any hope CG might have, but time will tell.

Prediction: Clutch Gaming Win

Cloud9 vs Optic Gaming

This is the third game of the night that should hold no surprises. Cloud9 only have a 1.28 return on them winning, but the truth is that the alternative is so unlikely and not worth the gamble.

Sure a 3.35 return on OG winning would be great. The problem is that it is far too unlikely to happen to be worth the risk. Yes, it’s a crazy new patch and yes, the teams haven’t played each other for a while, but C9 is still C9 and OG have no real hope of taking them down.

Prediction: C9 Win

What are your thoughts about the upcoming matches? Drop a comment below!

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