LoL: Rift Rivals 2018 – Day 2 betting predictions

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Day two of Rift Rivals 2018 will feature another five games between the two rivals of EU and NA and will help answer the age-old question of if it’s NA>EU or EU>NA. With G2 and Fnatic looking like the stronger teams, I would lean towards the latter.

Liquid vs Fnatic

This should be the match between the titans. Both of them are the LCS spring champions of their region and they did face each other several times during MSI, but with Fnatic coming out on top in the end. However, that was a different meta and Fnatic hasn’t even been using the same roster lately.

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Liquid winning is 2.05

Fnatic it is 1.70


The odds here are quite tight, but I would lean towards Fnatic coming out ahead, considering Liquid hasn’t really played against a similar tactic (if they continue with what they’ve been doing in EU with Bwipo bot).

Echo Fox vs G2

G2 are undefeated in the EU, but Echo Fox also have a very strong individual roster, with people that could carry. The problem is that we haven’t seen anyone be able to take out G2. G2 have stuck with their funnel comp and it has continually worked for them. Even when people have tried to ban it out, they still had extra picks up their sleeves. Maybe an NA team will be the team to do it. As the EU teams are flying out to the US they could be more tired than usual, and the general atmosphere of RR could be less serious, but that latter part is probably true for all teams. I do think G2 will be hungry for international success though, especially for the likes of Perkz and Jankos, so I would lean towards a G2 win.

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Echo Fox winning is at 2.40

G2 it is at 1.50

100 Thieves vs Fnatic

As noted in yesterday’s piece, 100 Thieves has recently made a roster swap, changing their jungler Meteos for AnDa, this is despite going 2-0 in NA LCS. How they will be as a team with this new jungler is hard to tell. The team overall was doing quite alright, but having a new jungler can change a lot of things and it is likely that Rift Rivals will act as test run before the LCS begins again. Besides this, 100 Thieves are facing Fnatic, one of Europe’s finest teams, despite not even using the star marksman Rekkles. We’ll see what tactic Fnatic decides to throw out, it could be that they test something other than the goon squad composition, since it lost to G2, but either way, this game should be in their favour.

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Fnatic winning is 1.35

100 Thieves it is at 2.95

Liquid vs G2

If you ask me, whether to pick Perkz or Pobelter, I would chose Perkz any day and every day. For the top lane, Impact is very solid, but Wunder has shown that he can perform very well too. As for junglers, it’s hard to know whether it will be a Jankos vs Xmithie matchup or whether Perkz and Wadid will be doing their funnel strategy instead, with Jankos then being in the bot lane. Bot lane is where the biggest strength in Liquid is. But should Hjarnan get his hands on Heimerdinger, then this game is most certainly over. Otherwise, I still think it’s a G2 win, since Perkz carry potential is greater and G2 have looked so good so far.

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Liquid winning is 1.95

1.75 for G2

100 Thieves vs Splyce

This could go either way. Splyce hasn’t been looking strong yet, but they are against a 100 Thieves team that has a new jungler. Had Meteos still been playing then my vote would have been on 100 Thieves. But with AnDa coming in, this feels more like a game that Splyce could take. Ssumday is still a very strong toplaner though, and Ryu is a veteran in the mid, who can go either way. Splyce on the other hand are not currently a top 3 EU team, but their players can be up there. I think due to the new jungler on 100 Thieves I am tempted to think Splyce will take it, but honestly 100 Thieves still be ok. The other option is to wait and see how the teams performed so far in the tournament and then make the call, but then returns could change.

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100 Thieves winning is at 2.10

Splyce it is 1.65

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