LOL Worlds 2016 – Predictions and Analysis

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Worlds 2016 isn’t going to be your typical tournament. Season Four featured the incredible and nearly invincible Samsung White. Seasons Three and Five were dominated by SKT, and Season Two was won by the Taipei Assassins. What’s different about this tournament though is that Korea’s seeds are not as powerful. This might be a Championship of really closed calls. If we are to be completely honest, the favorites for the title are still the Korean teams, but the group draws at least have us hopeful for a level of competition that will be fun to watch. League of Legends is a sport after all, and we all want to see some good games played.

Esports- is ready for the tournament. Here is our Worlds 2016 overview, complete with odds from Betway. We also created a Livescore Results page so you can check on the action wherever you are.

Mark the date: September 30

The Contestants


North America LCS:

Seed 1: Team Solo Mid
Seed 2: Counter Logic Gaming
Seed 3: Cloud9

Europe LCS:

Seed 1: G2 eSports
Seed 2: H2K
Seed 3: Splyce

Korea LCK:

Seed 1: Rox Tigers
Seed 2: SK Telecom T1
Seed 3: Samsung Galaxy


Seed 1: Edward Gaming
Seed 2: Royal Never Give Up
Seed 3: I May


Seed 1: Flash Wolves
Seed 2: AHQ eSports

Wild Card Invitational

Seed 1: INTZ e-Sports (Brazil)
Seed 2: Albus Nox Luna

The Format

Worlds 2016 is going to follow the same format as last year’s tournament. The teams are seeded into three pools according to their stats. Each of the four groups contains one team from the first pool, one from the second, and two from the third. Each group can’t have two teams from the same region.

Because Flash Wolves made it to the playoffs through the Mid-Season Invitational, Europe doesn’t have a team in the first group.

The groups are the following:


Group A:

  • Rox Tigers
  • G2 eSports
  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • Albus Nox Luna

Group B:

  • Flash Wolves
  • Sk Telecom T1
  • I May
  • Cloud 9

Group C:

  • Edward Gaming
  • AHQ eSports
  • H2K
  • INTZ eSports

Group D:

  • Team Solo Mid
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Splyce

All the games in the quarterfinals, semifinals, and the final will follow the BEST OF 5 format in single elimination.

Predictions & Analysis

Group A

Group A Winner

  • 1.05 Rox Tigers
  • 6.50 G2
  • 15.00 CLG
  • 101.00 Albus NoX Luna

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If there is one favorite by all the eSports experts to win this tournament, that’s Rox Tigers. If the team keeps their LCK performance, this group will certainly prove a walk in the park. Even with Peanut’s poor performances, there is little competition to be found.

G2 eSports has one of the most talented teams. Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen is probably the best bot lane in the west right now. They are going to fight valiantly for the first position, but second position is most likely what they will have to settle with.

CLG is still trying to get over their disappointing Summer Split performance. Their players lack in skill compared to the talents of G2 and Rox. But miracles do happen, and CLG has proved over the years that if they decide to play as a team, they can overcome all odds.

Albus Nox Luna are almost certain to finish last. It’s unfortunate, but they are the sheep in a cage of lions.


Group B

Group B Winner:

  • 1.09 SK Telecom T1
  • 8.00 Flash Wolves
  • 15.00 Cloud9
  • 21.00 I May

This is most exciting group of the tournament.

Koreans SKT are the favorites not only to finish first in the group but also to challenge the title, no doubt about that. Kkoma has done a very good job coaching one of the top teams of this planet, and their recent matches show that they will manage to finish first. It will not be easy though.

Even though Betway gives a clear advantage to Flash Wolves, we have to say that it’s not so easy to predict the second position. Both the Wolves and Cloud9 have their own trump cards. The Flash Wolves have better players in the mid and jungle position. While Cloud 9 will probably dominate the top and bot.

China’s I May chances to go further into the tournament are slim. They have a very good supports player, Yun “Road” Han-gil, who likes to put the pressure in the opposing team so that I May may have the chance to slowball the game. It will not be easy, but we may have a surprise in our hands.


Group C

Group C Winner:

  • 1.03 Edward Gaming
  • 11.00 H2K
  • 15.00 AHQ eSports club
  • 81.00 INTZ

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This group’s first position is already taken. Edward Gaming is not going to allow even the slimmest of chances to any of the rest of the teams. This is a no-lose bet. They finished the split without a single loss and dominated every single game they played. If we have to vote on our dream final, it’s definitely Rox Tigers vs Edward Gaming.

The fight for the second position though is going to be fierce. H2K and AHQ are both very good teams but H2K incredible bot lane gives the Europeans the advantage. ADC Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou and support player Oskar “VandeR” Bogdan are probably going to carry H2K to victory.

Brazilians INTZ will try to avoid being a training match for the rest of the teams. Although there is always the chance to use their talented jungler, Gabriel “Revolta” Henud, to snowball the game, the statistics are against them.


Group D

Group D Winner:

  • 2.55 Samsung Galaxy
  • 2.75 Royal Never Giveup
  • 2.75 Team SoloMid
  • 21.00 Splyce

Group D is not a group. It’s a death pit full of super powerful gladiators ready to overkill the less powerful team that was probably thrown in to entertain the superstars. Splyce is definitely the weakest link, and it will take a miracle for them to advance to the next stage.

Team Solo Mid finished both the Summer Split and the playoffs with an impressive score: 17-1 and 6-1. Their players are definitely one of the best in their respective positions, and in any other group they might have had more chances to land second or even first. But when you are up against the Koreans Samsung Galaxy and the Chinese Royal Never Give Up, things are not going to be easy.

Samsung Galaxy managed to reverse the odds and beat KT at the Korean Regional Finals. After throwing former ADC CoreJJ into playing support, the team showed a newfound power that managed to elevate Samsung Galaxy to the same level as Team Solo Mid and Royal Never Give Up.

Royal Never Give Up, on the other hand, has a very different problem. Like Team Solo Mid, their individual players are top on their respective lanes. That doesn’t mean anything though since the team many times fails to play as the name suggests – as a team. If they manage to keep their cool and show some level of synergy they will probably win against Team Solo Mid, and manage to finish second.

Splyce are the little European snakes that will try to throw a few bites here and there. They are probably the best-rounded team in the group, but there is a huge difference between a mediocre rounded and talent-heavy gauntlet that can smash your face if found on a good day. Surprises may happen, but it’s very unlikely.


LOL World Championship 2016 Winner Odds

Betway eSports €30 free

Worlds Winner:

  • 2.75 SK Telecom T1
  • 2.75 ROX Tigers
  • 4.25 Edward Gaming
  • 11.00 Samsung Galaxy
  • 16.00 Royal Never Give up
  • 17.00 Team SoloMid
  • 21.00 G2 eSports
  • 26.00 Flash Wolves
  • 34.00 I May
  • 51.00 Cloud 9
  • 81.00 CLG
  • 81.00 H2K
  • 101.00 Splyce
  • 101.00 ahq eSports club
  • 501.00 Albus Nox Luna
  • 501.00 INTZ

Keep on Betting

You have all the information you need to bet for the Worlds Championship. Be sure to check our predictions for more insider comments and bookmark our LiveScore section for live updates of all esports games.


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