MDL Disneyland Paris Major – Team Secret have done it again

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After over a week of the highest quality Dota, the MDL Disneyland Paris Major is finally over. The winner? You guessed it – Team Secret. They have been nearly flawless during the entire DPC season, which makes them one of the favorites for TI 9. Let’s take a look at their journey to the trophy.

Group Stage & Playoffs

The European powerhouse were placed in a group with Chaos EC, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Empire. As expected, they had pretty much no troubles at all. In fact, their longest game was 40 minutes, which is just another proof of their skills right now.

In the Upper Bracket R1 Team Secret had a very hard opponent on their hand – PSG.LGD. The Chinese were also in excellent form and were the first team that won a game in the series against Puppey and Co.

The next victim of the Chongqing Major Champions was OG. The TI 8 stars looked very strong but at the end of the day, their efforts to win were futile. Team Secret grabbed a fairly easy 2-0 victory and continued forward to meet their toughest enemy yet – Evil Geniuses.

The NA squad were also yet to lose a series at this Major but as many people thought, it happened. Even though it was definitely not a walk in the park, Team Secret were able to win the series with a 2-1 score, which gave them a spot at the Grand Final.

The Grand Final

Even though Team Liquid did not have the best DPC season, they finally have the needed motivation to start winning yet again. After an amazing series against EG they secure their spot at the Grand Final.

Game one was all about Miracle’s Morphling. The young prodigy pretty much annihilated his enemies as he got a quadruple rampage, something which we definitely not see every day in a professional game. Having no way to deal with him, Secret had no other choice but the call the GG and focus on game two.

The second game of the series was all about Puppey’s cheesy draft. He got Arc Warden and Furion, which made the life of Team Liquid a living hell. They just could not outpush the lanes, which resulted in a massive net worth advantage for TS and ultimately, a victory.

In game three, MidOne’s Templar Assassin gave TL a very hard time. Even though Miracle got the chance to play his Morph again, Secret did not allow him to get nearly as much farm as he did in game one. Even though Kuro and Co. tried, they had no other choice but to prepare themselves for the last game.

Having the moral advantage on their side, Team Secret just ran down over their opponents in the last game of the series. They had very tanky heroes which were extremely hard to bring down, even when caught alone. To make matters worse, Team Liquid lost two lanes of rax by the 20th minute. This made their chances to win very slim, even though they made a few smoke attempts.

Team Secret got a well-deserved victory and can proudly call themselves the best team in the world. We can only hope that they will bring the same performance where it matters the most – TI 9.


There are several DPC events until the end of the season. As you can see, there are many teams which can be an excellent choice to put your money on. That’s why it is important to follow the scene and know the current state of your favorite team. If you need any help with that, make sure to check our predictions page, where you can find more information about some of the hottest matches.


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  1. Rohan

    Its an amazing run by the team and I’m glad to see veterans like Puppey & KuroKy still being part of the very best teams in the world.

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