MDL Macau Minor – Overview and Predictions

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After DreamLeague came to an end, it is time to look at the “Las Vegas of Asia”  – the upcoming MDL Dota 2 Minor, which will take place for the first time ever in the Macau University Music Hall. The sixth season of the Mars Dota 2 League, which will be hosted by Mars Media from 8th  to 10th  of December, is yet another chance to earn money while doing what you like  watching your favorite team playing!

Nine of the best teams in the world will play against each other for the prize pool of $300,000 and the invaluable 300 Qualifying points for The International 2018. 

Despite not being a major, this is a really interesting tournament to follow, because it is prone to feature some interesting games, especially after the sudden invite that EHOME received. Instead of eight, this minor will feature nine teams, because of the situation that happened.

Apparently, there were some breach a contract with Valve during the Chinese qualifiers. To make a long story short  after negotiations with Valve, it was decided that EHOME will be receiving a direct invite to the Minor.

The Chinese team have not been at the top of their form in the recent tournaments, which is why this Minor can give them a huge chance to prove the critics wrong. This event will be their first of the competitive season, so if they perform good this may lead to more direct invites for other future tournaments.

Having the advantage of playing in their country,  EHOME have a great opportunity to shine and claim some precious Dota 2 Pro Circuit Points.

Participating Teams

After battling out in the qualifiers, the participant’s list looks like this:

  • Direct Invites  Virtus.Pro , LGD Gaming, LGD Forever Young (they get a direct invite, because they are the winner of DPL Top Season 4), EHOME
  • Europe Qualifier – OG
  • CIS Qualifier – Natus Vincere
  • SEA Qualifier – TNC Pro Team
  • NA Qualifier – VGJ.Storm
  • SA Qualifier – Infamous

Like we already said, the prize pool is $300,000 and the teams are also fighting for the 300 Qualification points for TI 8. The official format has not yet been released. However, all games will probably be in a bo3 format until the final. However, this is still not confirmed.

Our Favourites


I will just say it straight away – I have placed my bets on VP to win this. The CIS powerhouse is definitely the heavy favorites going into this LAN.

Their overall team performance and extraordinary solo skills make a deadly combination that every team has to respect. Having already won one Major this season, they will surely go into this tournament with the needed confidence. Therefore, choosing them as a winner of the tournament might just earn you some easy money.

Virtus.Pro are surely aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Their captain Alexei Solo Berezin is famous for being always in the role of a non farming player.

He is aware that the team is at its best when all 4 are allowed to be as greedy as possible, even if the price is him having brown boots and a teleport scroll 20 minutes into the game. However, ArtStyle will be playing as a standing for Solo, so it will be interesting to see if he can fill in the same position as him.

Despite being favorites, Virtus.Pro can be defeated as we saw in their unfortunate loss against Na’Vi . Whats more, they also did not shine at DreamLeague, where they lost to Liquid and then did a 0 -2 to EG, after which they had to go home earlier. This came as a surprise, because VP were considered the heavy favorites in the match.

However, in the Pro Dota 2 scene anything is possible and that is why it is so interesting to watch.

  Natus Vincere

The all-time favorite Dota 2 team.

There is not a single Dota 2 fan who did not like Na’Vi at some point of their path to success. Having one of the oldest and most experienced player, the iconic midlaner  Danil ‘Dendi‘ Ishutin, Na’Vi had tremendous success.

In the recent years, due to problems, they somehow diverged from the top teams and struggled to be back on the track again.

Even though some people think that Na’Vi can’t be considered as championship contenders yet, their win at the Adrenaline Cyber League LAN versus Virtus.Pro proved that there is hope and this new roster might just be what they needed.

What’s more, their performance at DreamLeague, especially versus the TI7 finalist – Newbee, has to show all the haters of Na’Vi out there that they are definitely back and ready to win.

Our advice is to keep an eye at them, because they might have a nice profit margin in case you decide to place your bets.

  Hidden Winners & Surprises

LGD Gaming

Despite their recent performance, the Chinese team is surely one of the contenders for the trophy in Macau. Their advantage of playing in their country plus the fact that this team has always being unpredictable may actually lead to a surprise going into this Minor.

It is up to Yao’Maybe’Lu to lead his team to victory and prove that LGD Gaming are still a factor in the Chinese Dota 2 scene, where recently teams like Newbee & Vici Gaming have taken over.

If you a planning on betting for LGD Gaming our team will advice you to have a heads up, because they are not in the best form right now.

However, the Chinese team have proved countless times that they are a team who is capable of playing outstanding when it is needed, so keep it in mind in case you bet against them.


Regardless of being a four time Major winners, the performance of OG has been somewhat shaky throughout the season.

Even though their roster has changed a lot since their wins, OG did not manage to qualify for the DreamLeague Season 8, which came as a shock to their loyal fans.

However, when having players such as Roman ‘Resolut1ion’ Fominok and Gustav’s4′Magnusson, your team is always capable of winning a tournament, regardless of your current shape.

In our opinion, OG is definitely a contender and might just deliver the “bomb” in this LAN tournament.


In the end, choosing a team to support comes down to personal preferences. This tournament will be very interesting to follow, especially after all the drama that occurred with the invite of EHOME.

Be sure to follow the tournament live and check our website for predictions in the livescore section.

Which team do you believe has the highest chance of winning? Can we finally say that Na’Vi are back?   Tell us what is your opinion in the comments !

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