Meracle is T1’s new carry

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T1 is perhaps the most legendary League of Legends team in the world. However, we can’t really  say the same for their Dota 2 team. Even though it’s been nearly one year since it was created, T1 is yet to make something happen in this game.

They’ve went through a lot of roster changes but so far, it seems like the recipe for success is still not discovered. In the last couple of weeks, T1 failed to qualify for the LA Major. As a result, two of the players decided to leave.

New addition to the squad

One of the players that left T1’s team was Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier. Many of you might now him as one of the best carries from a couple of years ago.

However, now that he is not here, there Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen will try to fill in the gap. You migh remember this name from the SEA Dota scene. Meracle used to play for some of the best teams there and quickly made an name for himself.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t able to achieve much with either of them, so he will now try his luck in T1,

We are not sure what’s going to be the next challenge ahead of this team. As you know, the esports scene is currently on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

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