MiBr’s Brazilian team will have to alter its playstyle to be successful

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Made in Brazil recently announced their complete roster. Over the course of the past month, the team has drastically changed the look of the team. They let go of Tarik and Stewie2k while bringing in Zews and TACO from Team Liquid. A few days ago, they also added Felps to their CS: GO roster. This new lineup has actually played together in the past and has been one of the most successful teams. With Zews back to coaching the Brazilian team, this is going to radically change their playstyle.

Differences in Playstyle

Tarik joined Made in Brazil from Cloud9 in 2018. There were high expectations from the team especially with the addition of Stewie2k and Tarik to their team. However, despite being the only team with five former Major winners on their roster, MibR failed to impress us. They were unable to make an impact in International tournaments. Their inability to even reach the top tier of premier tournaments definitely hurt their confidence by a large margin. One of the significant changes that we saw in the team was Fallen taking a very passive approach to his own game. He was just not confident to take the aggressive peeks and daring plays that made him one of the best AWP players in the world.

Some difficulties in language and culture, but most importantly a clash of play styles brought it to an abrupt end.

Although it was short-lived, it was an honour to play with the legends. I have no regrets, everything happens for a reason.

Tarik to HLTV.

In his interview to HLTV; Tarik mentioned a difference in playstyle as the primary reason for his departure. He was unable to synchronise well with the rest of the Brazilian squad. After months of dismal performances, Tarik made the wise choice of stepping down from the team. For now, he will stream, and wait until the end of the Major to join a new roster.

Who has the biggest impact on this new roster?

The new roster has several things working for it. The addition of Zews definitely is a huge confidence boost for the rest of the team.  Some of their most successful times were with Zews at the helm of the team. He was able to understand the playstyle of the players and put forth some really strong tactics. The early versions of the Brazilian squad were not always able to win matches based on skill. Their ability to counter-strat and surprise enemies was responsible for their rise in the CS: GO rankings.

Wilton “zews” Prado


Wilton “zews” Prado is one of the hotly contested coaches in CS: GO. He has been a member of multiple strong teams, first with SK Gaming, then Immortals and most recently Team liquid. Under his guidance, Team Liquid rose to prominence. They were constantly put up against the best team in the world, Team Astralis. Their ability to hotly contest Team Liquid, although they never won a series against Astralis was commendable.

It was a big surprise to see Team Liquid agreeing to transfer members from their most successful team to MiBr. However, it came to light that it was ‘Zews’ who requested the transfer as he wanted to play in an all-Brazilian squad [ MiBr in this instance]. He probably believed that he had more to offer in an all-Brazilian squad if he could coach them.

Joining MiBr definitely was a smart choice for the coach. With Team Liquid he had achieved a lot of success. Maybe with a couple of roster changes, Team liquid would have been able to reach the very top of the scene. They were already knocking near the top four of premier tournaments with consistent ease. However, it would essentially mean a fresh start for the coach who would have to contend with a new player’s playstyle.

Epitácio “TACO” de Melo

Image Courtesy: DBLTAP

TACO had taken a more supportive role during his time on Team Liquid. With the North American team fielding several high-skilled individuals on their roster, there was no justification to make TACO be the star. He had excellent synergy with Zews as the coach and that is also a principal reason why the two moving together makes a lot of sense.

TACO had a fantastic time in the past when he was in the Brazilian squad. He put up big numbers on an individual level but more importantly had great synergy with the rest of the squad. The new look MiBr roster will definitely want to find the same level of synergy and coordination in their attempt to improve results.

João “felps” Vasconcellos

For most of 2018, Felps did not have a great individual performance. However as we saw in the latter part of the half, he has definitely improved significantly. As we can see in the performance graph below, his performance towards the end of the year saw a significant increase. There is little doubt this is what prompted MiBr to approach and sign him for their 2019 roster. With a confident Felps, MiBr has the necessary elements to make a case for themselves at the upcoming Major. There are still a few weeks for the Major and we expect the Brazilians to come up with a short and precise plan in the meantime.

Data Source: HLTV.org


Felps role on the MiBr team will be under scrutiny. We cannot expect MiBr to have the same performance as they did a few years ago. The players are not playing at the same level, neither are their opponents the same. With Felps joining the team, it gives Zews the flexibility to build the team from scratch.

What can we expect of MiBr? What is a good result?

The MiBr roster has not had much time together. By the time, they play in the Major, they will have had almost a month of playtime together. This is more than enough for players of their calibre. Considering the fact that they have experience playing with each other before, we expect this team to be extremely strong. The lack of a language barrier in an era of International teams definitely is a huge plus point for the team.

The Made in Brazil roster is as follows:

  • Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo.
  • Marcelo “coldzera” David.
  • Epitacio “TACO” de Melo.
  • Fernando “fer” Alvarenga.
  • João “felps” Vasconcellos.
  • Wilton “zews” Prado (coach).

The IEM Katowice 2019 Major is a huge turning point for the teams. With Astralis easily winning the FaceIT London Major 2018 and subsequent tournaments, there is no competition to the team. There is another point that can be an important factor for the MiBr team as we head into the Major. They will be faced off against some teams with relatively new rosters. Teams like Faze Clan, Team Liquid, Complexity, Fnatic, Cloud9 and Tyloo have all made changes to their roster recently. This provides MiBr with an opportunity to have an equal footing against these teams at the Major. They need to at least maintain their legends spot at the Major. However, they would be aiming for a Top 4 finish at the Major, something that would be a huge boost of confidence for the Brazilian community.

The Made in Brazil roster will next be seen at the Major. The IEM Katowice starts on the 13th of February and will continue till the 3rd of March. You can catch all the action live on Twitch here and on Facebook here.

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