Mind the Underdogs: Worlds 2016

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This Week’s Hottest League of Legends News

Albus Nox Luna Show Their Fangs: Cheer for the Underdogs

The wildcard region favorites Albus Nox Luna are sitting not so comfortably but steady enough on the top spot of the Group A after winning G2 Esports and Counter Logic Gaming. On Day 1, the International Wildcard team managed to fight the favorites Rox Tigers on equal terms, managing an early lead but losing the fight in the end. Yet, the team has upset the more reserved fans with their incredible performance. Likkrit said, ‘No one wants to play with us. People think Wildcard regions are weak and that wins like these only happen because of Best of 1 or teams being over aggressive or underprepared. No, they are not. We are winning because we deserve it.’

After 3 days the wildcard region has more wins than the LMS or Europe. That’s quite an achievement for a non-top seeded region.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Albus NoX Luna at the 2016 World Championship - Group Stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California, USA on 1 October 2016.
Counter Logic Gaming vs Albus NoX Luna at the 2016 World Championship – Group Stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California, USA on 1 October 2016.

Group Stage Standings

After 3 days of exciting games, these are the results. Not a lot of surprises, if you count out Albus Nox Luna’s amazing performance.

Group D is going for some very heated matches in the following days. Royal Never Give up has beaten TSM. TSM has beaten Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy has now beaten Royal Never Give Up.


Team Liquid sell their controlling share to Axiomatic. 76ers buying both Dignitas and Apex.

One after another, all the major powerhouses are going to the hands of new investors from outside the niche realm of gaming. Team Liquid sold their controlling share to a group of investors who formed a new organization called AXiomatic, led by Mandalay Entertainment CEO Peter Gruber and Monumental Sports & Entertainment CEO Ted Leonsis. Part of the investment group is sporting star Magic Johnson. The group now control seven national sport teams.

A few days ago, Philadelphia 76ers entered the world of eSports with the acquisition of Dignitas and Apex. While in Europe football clubs have the money, it’s the NBA that leads the way in the USA. The team said on their decision, ‘The market created itself and became a product that a quarter billion people are watching, and when they watch, they’re watching an hour and half a day. But at the same time, it’s an incredibly large, immature market that is somewhat of a Wild West.’

EsportsTV is expanding its Europe coverage

Well, not all of Europe, but thanks to an agreement between MTG group and M7 group, the channel will now be broadcast through Canal Digitaal in the Netherlands, TV Vlaanderen in Belgium, and Skylink in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Up until now EsportsTv was broadcasting in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway), as well as in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).


Esports are now officially legal in France

Esports are fighting the good fight in many countries who have trouble in differentiating the scene from gambling. After all, the legislators are usually not part of the culture and they might sometimes need a 75-pages document explaining what eSports are, like the report that was given to the French government. In the end, the new law gives a frame to pro-gamers contracts and differentiates eSports from gambling—therefore making it legal and making visa processes easier.

‘eSport Bundesliga’ name secured by the German League


‘Where there is smoke there is fire’ people say, and the German Football League has seen the smoke and wants to be part of the fire that’s spreading throughout the world. It has filed an application to the German Intellectual Property office for words associated with eSports they can use if they ever decide to make their own league. If more German teams decide to make an esports division, don’t be surprised if you hear the announcement of a “DFL Esport Bundesliga,” “DFL Virtuelle Bundesliga,” “eBundesliga,” “iBundesliga”, “SportecSolutions,” or “DFL Sportec.”

Twitch integrates its own social media app

Esports players and fans are using various social media channels. Twitch wants to keep them on the platform by integrating Overcharge TV, a creation of former Counter-Strike player Stew Houston that blends Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube into one interface. Now you can check your favorite streams as you keep an eye on that Twitter feed for breaking news.


Keep on Betting

You have all the information you need to bet for next week’s games. Be sure to check our predictions for more insider comments and our LiveScore for all the latest results!

Keep on playing and watching, and don’t forget to bookmark esports-betting-tips for all your eSports betting needs.

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