MSI Day 1: Looking Closer at Fnatic and Flash Wolves

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MSI’s first day has now concluded and a few teams have performed as expected, while others have exceeded expectations. Let’s take a closer look at the failing Fnatic team and their counterpart – the Flash Wolves who are showing what it means to play like a cohesive unit.


This is a team that had high expectations surrounding them. Sure they might struggle against RNG and Kingzone, but they are still expected to end top 4. It’s only been the first day, but going 0-2 is not a good start and dropping a game to the Flash Wolves could prove fatal. That said, each team will play a total of ten games, so the score is still redeemable.

Fnatic’s Performance

In their first game versus RNG, Fnatic played quite well. They had a decent early showing, with a few picks, but star player Uzi was constantly outperforming Rekkles. Though both ADCs are very good, Uzi completely outclassed Rekkles today. Despite this and giving up a baron, it still looked like the game could go Fnatic’s way.

However they lingered too long after taking an inhibitor, hoping someone would walk close enough to the bush for an easy kill and instead got found out and annihilated by RNG.

Fnatic looked even shakier in their second game and they have a long way to go if they hope to make it to the semi-finals. The team as a whole looked sloppy and a bit timid, with the exception of Caps who then also got caught out for his more daring plays. Bwipo’s inexperience showed in his team fight positioning and one could only hope that perhaps Soaz would feel in shape enough to be played a few games. A veteran toplaner, Soaz could perhaps bring some stability to the team. For the team to start winning, they also need to adapt to the bot-lane meta and realize that there are more ways to protect the ADC than Morgana.

We need to see the Rekkles that won the MVP award of the Spring Split and not the current passive ADC that we have seen so far. Tomorrow will be another tough day for Fnatic, where they start their day playing versus Kingzone, who have looked impeccable. The important game will be versus Team Liquid. So far both Fnatic and TL have looked shaky and the question is who can show up tomorrow. My EU heart is voting for Fnatic.

Flash Wolves

These guys are the real deal. They played a very clean game against EVOS esports, who along with FW came in through the play-ins. They showed that they had done their homework and knew how to exploit EVOS’ weaknesses. Maple was stellar in the mid-lane. The team as a whole roamed and worked well together, finding picks all over the map. They knew when to fight and when to disengage.

Similarly, they disintegrated Fnatic, working better as a team, even though they never had a big gold lead. They did show that they do not play around the top-lane and I would look for teams who are able to exploit this.

I believe both Impact (Team Liquid) and even more, Khan (Kingzone) may prove troublesome for Hanabi to deal with if they continue their bot-lane focused game plan. Maple is also quite an aggressive player. This means without the right support or against teams with better vision, he could become a liability rather than the carry that he has currently been.

Predictions for Flash Wolves

While I feel like FW are a good team, I think they will struggle tomorrow as they face RNG. The big question is whether Team Liquid will be able to show up or not. From their plays today, my vote would be on Flash Wolves.

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