LOL NA LCS Match Predictions – Week 1, Day 1

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The North American League of Legends championship series kicks off this week on Saturday at 23:00 CEST and will continue into Sunday morning for us Europeans. If you are feeling unsure whether TSM will be able to take back its crown or if Team Liquid will continue to rule NA, then this article is for you. Let’s dive into some predictions of how this first week will go!

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid

The NA LCS will jump right into a clash between the two finalists of the region. That final ended with a 3-0 for TL, despite the teams going 1-1 during the spring split.

Team Liquid had a huge increase in performance during the playoffs and went from ending the split tied for 3-6th place to winning the whole thing. The question is whether this will continue in the regular split. TL’s MSI performance was less than stellar, but ended much better than it started. I get the feeling that TL might start off their split slow again. Doublelift is not one to play champions outside his comfort zone and the ADC meta of patch 8.11 could prove frustrating for him.

This in conjunction with Impact not usually being close to his playoff performances during the regular split, makes me think that TL might not play to their full potential.

There is also a 2.05 return riding on 100T winning, rather than the 1.70 you would get for betting on TL.

Prediction: 100T Win

Team Solo Mid vs Counter Logic Gaming

TSM vs CLG was once a clash of titans, but those days are long gone and in recent years TSM has been outshining CLG and this was true for the spring split as well, where they won 2-0. CLG has been dwindling in recent times and did not even make playoffs in the spring split. Considering no roster changes have been made, it is hard to see how their results will change any time soon.

Despite the poor 1.45 return on TSM winning, it feels like betting on CLG would be like throwing money into toilet. That said, it is a best of one and it is a new patch and every team always has a chance to win, however small that chance may be.

Prediction: TSM Win

Clutch Gaming vs Cloud9

This is probably the gamble of the week.

Clutch Gaming technically finished third (above C9) after the playoffs, but never fought against C9 in it. During the actual split they lost both of their games against C9. However, one of those games did not feature Lira (jungler for CG) as he had visa issues.

Anyway, CG do not have a good record against C9, but they have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with and the return on them winning is at 2.20, compared to the 1.60 on C9.

These two teams are both incredibly mid-jungler oriented and both feature prominent European mid-laners. So it’s hard to call out which duo will pull out ahead. I feel like CG could be worth the gamble as the possibility of return is much better. However, it is most certainly a gamble and maybe not a risk everyone should take.

Prediction: CG Win

FlyQuest vs Echo Fox

In contrast to the CG vs C9, this game is pretty obvious.

Echo Fox winning will give a 1.30 return and with good reason – the chances of FlyQuest winning are slim and close to none. FlyQuest has an old veteran star in Flame in the top lane, and WildTurtle also has his share of past victories, but Echo Fox has Huni to counteract the Flame and Dardoch in the jungle. On top of that, the other three members have also shown greatness, particularly the bot lane of Altec and Adrian.

Prediction: EF Win

Golden Guardians vs Optic Gaming

This is the game of the closest margins as it features both of the teams that ended in the bottom of the table in the last split.

The returns on GG winning is 1.90 and for OG winning 1.80. It is incredibly tight and up there with CG vs C9 for the gamble of the night. OG does have a 2-0 record vs GG in the spring split, GG managed to pull off a few upsets in the split, taking games from both Echo Fox and 100 Thieves.

Looking at the teams on paper, my vote would have to be on OG to win as I think both PowerofEvil (mid lane) and Arrow (ADC) outshine their opponents.

Prediction: OG Win

Which match are you looking forward to this weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Tarongil

    Bearing in mind the roster changes that have come out for C9, it seems even more definite that Clutch Gaming will win the match vs them. Sadly, the return rates seem to have been shifted already, so CG winning wont give as much of a return anymore.

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