All You Need to Know About the European Masters

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The European Masters tournament starts tonight (14th of April 18.00 CEST), and will showcase teams from all over Europe. This weekend will feature the group stage, where three teams will advance from each group, to then battle it out in the knock-out stage, which will take place next week.

Tomorrow will feature twelve of the best European teams (other than LCS of course), and some amazing talent in League of Legends. Two of these teams we have already seen conquer the play-in stage, while other teams carry famous names like Ninjas in Pyjamas, Misfits Academy (sister team to Misfits), Millenium and of course, Origen. All eyes are on the players of Origen to showcase their talent and dominance over the European Masters.

Origen Hype

Origen has managed to field a team of incredible veterans. For starters, they have Insec in the jungle, the man whose name became a move to carry out on the jungler Lee Sin (where you charge up your ult and flash behind the enemy to then kick them into your team). Now, Insec’s career has taken a dip the last year, but this man has such a wealth of experience that it is hard not to see him shine against the other rookies.

In the mid lane, Origen has Froggen. For the last split, Froggen has taken a step back from LCS, but prior to this he was the only shining light on a failing Echo Fox. Besides this, top lane features Expect (formerly G2), who also hasn’t played this last season, but before that won several seasons of EU LCS with G2 and went to worlds. Bot lane is no less star-studded, and will be played by Forg1ven as ADC and Jesiz as his support. Forg1ven is a controversial player who is amazing at the game, but has struggled to gel with his team in the past. Jesiz was recently the support substitute on Fnatic and is on loan from them and also has his fair share of experience.

There is no doubt about the talent and veterancy of Origen, but the question is how this mix of characters will do as a team. However, if you are a betting man, put your dollars on this team to win the tournament.

Other Notable Mentions

That said, there are other teams to look out for too. None with as much experience as Origen, but still names that have competitive LCS experience.

On the Polish team Illuminar Gaming, we have Woolite who formerly competed in the EU LCS. In Mad Lions, we have Werlyb (another former LCS player). Mad Lions have been dominating the Spanish scene, but always fallen short to Giants. Gamers Origin features Phaxi and Millenium has je suis kaas.

But all of these are players who, while they have competed in LCS, have fallen out of it.

If you are wanting to put some money on the European Masters, then my two cents would go to Origen. Particularly after group stages where it becomes best of threes rather than a best of one.

That said, if you aren’t feeling the Origen hype, then perhaps Misfits Academy is a good bet, since Misfits as an organisation has shown the ability to build good teams. Besides those two, I expect Millenium and Gamers Origin to do well. As much as I would like to believe in Ninjas in Pyjamas, I think the team has formed too recently, which means we have no idea where there skill level is.

Excited about a team? Certain you know which one will be the winner? Be sure to tune in tonight at 18.00 CEST and let us know in the comments below!

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