NiP won their first event, Team Secret are the PVP Esports Champions

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After making a return to the Dota 2 world, the Swedish organization claimed their first title. Following the lead of ppd, NiP managed to win the GG.Bet Invitiational after beating Gaming in the Grand Finals.

NiP made a comeback to the  competitive scene after a year away when they picked up the  team Shangri La, which was created by Peter ‘PPD’ Dager. After a very promising start by taking a slot in the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Major the team has continued to receive praise and reward for their performances.

Shortly after that, the team was invited to other LAN events, including the GG Bet Invitational. Their next step is the upcoming Main cast Autumn Brawl, followed by the ESL One Hamburg and the Kuala Lumpur Major in the early days of November.

This new team could possibly become one of the biggest threats to the other top teams in the world, so make sure to follow them up close, because they might turn out to be a very profitable option for your bets.

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Team Secret won the PVP Esports Championhip

The first LAN event after TI proved to be a huge success, especially in Singapore.  Some of the very best local teams from the SEA region were competing with some of the biggest names in the world during the first big event. Nine teams took part in the group stages, but only four of them advanced to the playoffs — Team Secret, Fnatic, PSG.LGD and Team Admiral.

However, in the end, Team Secret managed to overcome Fnatic with a 3-2 victory and claimed the prize.  They both managed to come out for the playoffs and both had little to no competition until the final itself. Heading into the grand finals, most people believed that Fnatic are the favorite, because they have managed to win them once already in the group stage.

Regardless of that, we witnessed five games of top quality dota. In the end, Team Secret were the one that managed to persist and hold their ground, which resulted in their first win after the TI 8 disappointment.

Roster Changes

In the post TI shuffle, Team Secret replaced Fata with Ludwig ‘Zai’ Wahlberg who will finally be playing the offlane role, after being forced to play the pos 4 for a very long time.. Zai was part of the lineup in 2015 from January through TI5 when he then returned to Evil Geniuses. Michał ‘Nisha’ Jankowski, the Polish carry sensation replaced Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard, who was not being able to keep up with the rest of his team mates and resulted in his departure from the Team.


As we can see, there are some fresh new rosters that deliver a clear message – they are here to win. This means that the other top teams which have been around for a pretty long time, now have new enemies to be afraid of. Only time will tell whether Team Secret and NiP will be able to actually challenge the likes of Team Liquid or OG.

Nevertheless, we can safely say that both of those teams are a good betting option.

What do you think? Can Team Secret rise up yet again and become the top team in the world? Let us know in the comments down below.

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