North, OpTic and another international project, what are Karrigan’s options now?

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Want it or not, Karrigan is one of the first name when it comes to premier in-game leaders. The Danish veteran, known by leading Astralis in 2016 and then building out the international FaZe afterwards is once again a free agent.

Fortunately for Karrigan, this shouldn’t be for much longer. If there’s role with a high demand in the current CS:GO pro scene, it would be the in-game leader job. Many teams clearly are in the hunt for a capable in-game leader and this is where Karrigan future is.

So, which are his most obvious options? Let’s take a look, but beforehand, let’s talk a bit about why there’s two teams in specific that should be doing all they can to make him join their ranks. 

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Denmark doesn’t lack talent, it lacks leaders

There’s a popular saying in CS:GO when it comes to Denmark: ‘Danish CS is a hell of a drug’. There’s a good reason for that, of course. No other country has been making talent as Denmark is nowadays, and there seems to be no stop to it.

However, strangely enough, other than Astralis who are currently holding the spot of best team in the world, there is no other Danish team amongst the ten best teams in the world. There’s no lack of investment either, so what’s happening?

It’s pretty clear – there’s no proven, capable leaders in Denmark right now other than gla1ve. Snappi, leader of OpTic Gaming and CadiaN, North’s IGL are proving to be massive disappointments.

This turned out more clearly after the Road to Katowice 19. Neither North or OpTic qualified for the next Major, and they all were massively disappointing in the qualifiers. This is where Karrigan joins.

One shouldn’t forget why FaZe removed Karrigan, of course, nor why Astralis removed him. His accomplishments during the last four years shouldn’t be forgotten either, though. If there’s a man that can save one of those two teams, that is Karrigan.

OpTic definitely needs Karrigan

When we look at both North and OpTic, both are very disappointing, but OpTic takes the crown. Watching the green wall play makes clear to see why. Outdated tactics, readable strategies, predictable or non-existent mid-round adaptations.

In fact, OpTic mid-round calling is astonishing badly. It’s not uncommon to see the squad crumbling down once the two first players die before a plant, or during a retake. And much of this is due to Snappi’s fault.

He is not the only one underperforming as JUGi has yet to consistently show up, but he certainly is the main problem.

Adding Karrigan would mean that OpTic would at least be able to know what else is wrong with this team. Is JUGi truly a problem too, or he is just being misused? K0nfig inconsistency might be also solved with Karrigan.

Definitely, if OpTic wants to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Karrigan is a way better option than Snappi is proving to be.  

North won’t step up with aizy and cadiaN

After months since North replaced MSL with cadiaN, is safe to say that they swapped six for half of a dozen. cadiaN had the time to build a game plan for this team from the ground and it was a big failure as we saw in the Europe Minor.

His performance as an awper isn’t impressive either, so he’s definitely one to blame for North results. We can’t mention cadiaN without bringing ‘aizy’ though. The much-criticized player who had a resurgence in mid-2018 is back to his old underwhelming form.

Both cadiaN and aizy have been underperforming and if North has the chance of grabbing Karrigan, they shouldn’t let it pass. They don’t need to necessarily remove ‘cadiaN’ as he could be given a shot as a full-time awper, but aizy individual level is just too below the mark.

So, what could North achieve with Karrigan?

North has one of the best players in the world as ‘valde’ consistency has been wasted for more than a year under MSL and cadiaN. They also have Kjaerbye who shows signs of becoming a reliable fragger.

In the side-lines, they also have ‘gade’, who’ve shown to have an insane raw skill level limited by his inexperience and decision making. Should North keep cadiaN, there would be a question mark in the awper role. Still, it’d be better than what they currently have.  

A new international team under the EnVyUs banner

After being removed from FaZe, karrigan currently is playing under EnVy as a stand-in for the time being. It’s not impossible that he and the organization are looking to build a new squad though. After all, there’s many capable players available right now.

Should EnVy give the Dane the greenlight and enough funds, there would be more than enough talent for a new top 10 team. Tarik, cromen, ScreaM, Smooya, Nifty (who is already signed with EnVy) and AmaNEk are options that come ot mind.

Of course, there have been multiple rumors regarding projects that will come to fruition once the Major ends, but Karrigan should be able to weight in if he wants to make a new international roster.

Karrigan future should be clear for us after the Major

Whatever option Karrigan picks, it will impact the scene. Should he decide to return to Denmark, we might finally see a Danish team following Astralis’ trail. Should he build a new international team under EnVy, that might be the rise of a new contender.

Everything will be clearer in the next weeks though as the Major is set to start soon. For now, Karrigan will remain with EnVy while they play the North American qualifier for IEM Sydney 2019.

What is your opinion on the matter? Should Karrigan go to rescue his national scene, or he should build a new international team to surpass his legacy with FaZe? Let us know!

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