Overwatch Adds New Map & Hints New Hero

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Blizzard has finally announced details of their new and upcoming Lunar based map. The 15th map in the Overwatch universe will be unique and different from the others.This is in response to the community’s demands for more storyline and new maps.

The Lunar Map

Green Room

Blizzard has released the initial look of the new Lunar Map. The idea for the map was an extremely innovative idea. This idea showcases that the Overwatch universe is not restricted to the Earth alone. The Horizon Lunar map is a 2CP map. The attackers and defenders will have a variety of angles to approach the points from.

Let’s take a look at the introductory video to the new map:

The video has Winston speaking about his time at the Lunar Horizon colony and how he escapes to earth. However he mentions that his fellow gorillas are still in there and Winston might need to go back. Meanwhile the video showcases several areas within the map. The map is not particularly known for high grounds, but there are spots where heroes such as Widowmaker ( who rely on high ground for clear Line of Sight) can be extremely viable.

Features of the New Lunar Map

Integral to the story


The new map is based on the moon. It is closely related to the lunar base where Winston was originally based. However he escaped to the Earth and has been on earth ever since. The video shows Winston yearning to go back and get his fellow chimpanzees.

The map is devised in a way that it remains central to the core story. With such a rich history behind the map, Blizzard is developing an entire universe around Overwatch. This is something that keeps the game fresh and keeps the curiosity of the player base engaged.

Something New – Low Gravity

The last map that was released was Oasis. Oasis features a jump pad on one of it’s points, which is something that was totally new to Overwatch at the time. The new Lunar map is the first map to feature a low gravity area.

Jeff explains how the developer team went about making the map as it is. The initial build for the map included a time when the entire map was low-gravity. However that made the entire map feel extremely gimmicky, with less focus on the actual gameplay. The developer team went through various options and ultimately decided on certain areas of the map being low gravity.

Subtle hints at the new hero

In the Developer update video, Jeff gives a brief history for the details on the map. He also emphasises on the hints and the signs on the map.

You will even pick up some names and some potential mysteries on Winston’s Peers

This line used in the developer update clearly is an indication that there is more information left to be unearthed from the map. There have already been several hints in previous leaks on the Overwatch Twitter.

Specimen Tracking

The two gorillas missing from the enclosure are Winston and Hammond. While we already know that Winston escaped to the earth Hammond was still unaccounted for. Hammond might be the next hero to be released in Overwatch, but apart from this image; there is nothing else to suggest the same.

The indications for a new upcoming hero are very strong. A new map and a new hero will be welcome additions just in time for the anniversary of Overwatch.

We will keep you updated with more information as and when it presents itself.

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