Our Pick’ems for the FACEIT Major New Champions Stage – Who Will Lift the Trophy?

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The second stage of the FACEIT Major is now over. We saw the likes of Mousesports, NiP and FNATIC heading home as they couldn’t secure the required 3 victories. 8 teams have gone through, including coL, BIG and HellRaisers and are looking to grab that trophy.

And so are we to get our Pick’em Challenge’s medal. So far, with our tips, you could have booked a total of 31 points, out of 34. Not bad at all! However, now it’s the most important phase of the Pick’em Challenge.

The New Challenge Stage is the final stage of the Major, thus, the last stage of the Pick’em Challenge. With 75 points available up for grabs, one must predict the entire playoffs bracket. So, before we do it, let’s remind ourselves of what are the distribution rules.

What should you know?

  • In the Champions Stage, all matches are BO3. There’s no loser bracket, meaning that the loser is sent home directly.
  • Each correct pick for the quarter-finals winners are rewarded with 12 points. For picking the correct teams to reach the grand-finals, 10 points. Picking the correct tournament winner will hand you 7 points alone.
  • It’s all-in time: you will have to predict the entire playoff bracket, below you can see an example:

Now that we know all this, let’s see what are the first matches:

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Our Quarter-Final Winners

compLexity vs MiBR: it’s undeniable that coL’s presence at the playoffs was unexpected to say the least. Although the team had an impressive performance in the past two stages, they took advantage of the format. Stanislaw relied too much in Inferno to this point and that is a map that MiBR would avoid against any other team. What this means is that MiBR will be able to explore coL’s map pool as they wish. Another reason that will be putting compLexity in disadvantage is the lack of consistency by ‘ShahZaM’ and ‘dephh’.

Our Pick: Thus, we do believe that MiBR will be the ones advancing here.

BIG vs Na’Vi: a rematch from ESL One Cologne 2018. Smooya from BIG is one of the highest rated players in the event and rightfully so. However, we must point out that ‘Nex’ and ‘Tizian’ still aren’t reliably pieces of this BIG puzzle. Na’Vi in the other hand is coming as one of the favorites to win the whole tournament. With ‘electronic’ having more experience in a Major this time, they surely are looking for a deep run here.  The house of the best player in the world has shown to be taking slow, careful and precise steps towards the title.

Our pick: We have to put our bet on Na’Vi here.

Astralis vs FaZe: FaZe made a comeback in the New Legends Stage as the team almost was sent home earlier. To reach it however, the team did a very radical change in their structure as ‘NiKo’, their star player also partially took the in-game leader role. Karrigan, the one who usually occupies this role hasn’t been performing any better however. In the other hand we have Astralis, lead by Gla1ve. The number one team in the world is not one to toy around and they will be looking to break through FaZe weak structure.

Our Pick: We would suggest you to pick Astralis.


Liquid vs HellRaisers: One of the most interesting matches to watch. HellRaisers is putting all their money in ‘ISSAA’ and ‘Woxic’, two young talents who brought them to this stage. Although ‘DeadFox’ has been an essential piece, he is known to disappear in the games where he is most needed. Bondik also was struggling this past week. Liquid in the other hand hadn’t a problem to go through this stage and just like Na’Vi, they are looking very strong. ‘ELiGE’, ‘Twistzz’ and ‘NAF’ are a very powerful trio, and ‘TACO’ is proving to be the final piece of the puzzle for this team.

Our Pick: Liquid is our recommendation.

Our Semi-Final Winners

MiBR vs Na’Vi: Made in Brazil didn’t standout this week in London. While the team achieved their spot in the playoffs, we don’t think that they’re in the level to challenge the best. Of course, FalleN & co. are very experienced at Majors, but so are Na’Vi, which feature three players who reached grand finals of a Major and one who managed to lead his previous team to the trophy.

Our pick: We will be taking the CIS powerhouse as our first grand finalist here.

Astralis vs Liquid: The three-way rivalry between Astralis, Liquid and Na’Vi can’t find it’s closure it seems. The Danes here aren’t looking unstoppable as they did in past tournaments, while Liquid is looking better than ever. Liquid was a team short of one piece but now that they found it, they still have to set their limit. This match surely will be a tough one for both side and it’s recommended to check our in-depth analysis later.

Our Pick: Our team to advance here is Liquid though.


The Grand Final

Na’Vi vs Liquid: We already watched multiple encounters between those teams. In this scenario, one part of this ever-growing rivalry will achieve their first Major trophy. Therefore, the winner will also yield the throne as the best team in the world in meantime.

The yellow side of Na’Vi features s1mple and electronic, the world’s best duo right now. Backing them is Edward and Zeus, two of the most experienced players from the CIS region. Flamie, the last piece, is a very capable skilled player who once shone as Na’Vi main star and still has glimpses of that past every once in a while.

Liquid has one missing factor compared to Na’Vi here. We’re talking about the inexperience by NAF and Twistzz in the Major big stage and those’re very important players for the Liquid. As both never had reached the final of a Major before, they will be having to deal with extra pressure. We already watched players like ‘Electronic’ from Na’VI, back in his first Major playoff, falling to perform because of the tension.

This Major final will be one of the best ones in the story of Counter-Strike for sure. Unfortunately, we have to make this pick without ceremony.

So, we will be selecting Na’Vi as our winner here.

Are you ready?

The New Champions stage is set to start on September 20th. The first two BO3s will be played then, and the last two in the day after it. The semi-finals and finals are set to happen in the next weekend.

Be sure to make your picks as soon as the Pick’em Challenge is unlocked. More importantly, if you’re looking to get the in-depth predictions for each match, alongside the most recommended bookies, follow us!

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