Pinnacle enters into a partnership with Esports Data Provider GameScoreKeeper

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Curaçao-based Pinnacle has entered into a partnership with Esports Data Provider GameScorekeeper.Pinnacle first entered into esports with its first esports wager in 2010. Times have evolved since then and esports is one of the fastest growing segments in today’s market. Newzoo reports that esports is slated to grow into a $1.4 billion market by 2020. These numbers definitely lend credence and validity to an industry which was mostly considered to be a niche segment. Pinnacle has seen the growth of esports investments as well as its growth on its website.

Pinnacle will utilise the GameScoreKeeper API

The partnership will enable Pinnacle to utilise GamescoreKeeper’s API. The API will allow Pinnacle to use data in an efficient way. It will allow for more customer satisfaction as well as minimising costs for the betting company. Increasing the margins in one of the fastest growing betting segment is an effective way for Pinnacle to increase their profits. Esports Betting is seen as a lucrative opportunity for bookmakers due to their high odds. It also has a relatively younger audience, which can mean a bigger market share in the future.

Almost all bookmakers now accept esports bets. The phenomenal growth of the esports industry has seen certain esports sell franchises for several millions of dollars. In addition to this, viewership numbers in esports constantly rival that of regular sports. With the market distribution for esports consumption being younger kids, it is a lucrative market for any investor.

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The GameScorekeeper APIs provide data from Esports matches. There are currently two APIs available that a user or app can connect to in order to retrieve data:

  • REST API: The REST API provides access to all data on past and future fixtures, for example, the final results of matches already played and start times of scheduled matches.
  • Live Data API: The live API makes it possible to establish live WebSocket connections with the GameScorekeeper data platform to retrieve real-time results and stats from fixtures currently being played.


Felix Klastrup founded GameScoreKeeper in early 2016. The Denmark based company has seen rapid growth in the industry with data and prides itself for the highest integrity with data. The Esports market is still very unorganised and such efforts by companies like Gamescorekeeper enable others to step in.

Data has been key to maintaining our low margin, high limit approach, as well as developing our offering to help improve our customers’ experience. This deal with GameScorekeeper will enhance our product even further and solidify our position as the leader in esports betting.

GameScoreKeeper sought a $450,000 cash injection for its Esports data Suite. The Esports Data suite is the first commercial product by the company. This funding helped them improve speeds in the project. The company’s foundation lies in the Innovation Fund Denmark which helped the company take off in early 2016. Since then GameScorekeeper has managed to hold its own as a data provider in esports. Their partnership with Pinnacle is a huge step forward for the company.

What does this partnership bring to Pinnacle?

This partnership will allow Pinnacle faster settlement of bets. With higher levels of customer satisfaction, Pinnacle can hope to gain an inroad into the lucrative esports betting segment. Betting providers are moving to gain market share in esports betting. We will see more such partnerships and consolidation of the market in the near future. The Esports industry is seeing massive reorganisation on multiple fronts and this influx of new companies is welcome news.

Having access to a large amount of quality data is a major business advantage in the esports market because it leads to higher customer satisfaction and lower costs. And the fact that Pinnacle, a pioneer in esports, is now investing in quality data will help to make esports an even more credible business.

Currently, GameScoreKeeper provides data on 85% of all pro-sanctioned tournaments. These cover the largest viewership base and will be a stable base for the Pinnacle platform. It covers data from Dota 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends.

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