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Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng is a Malaysian professional Dota 2 player who currently plays the mid role for Team Secret.

Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng Background

Like everyone else, MidOne had a profound interest in video games when he was a child. At the age of 7 he started  playing his first computer games and later started venturing into DotA when he saw his brother playing the game. As time went on, his interest with DotA grew and later he transitioned into Dota 2 playing in semi-professional and professional teams.

MidOne is considered to be one of the best SEA players of all time. He was the first to reach 8000 MMR in his region and eventually he was one of the first in the world to get over 10000 MMR.

According to MidOne, an interesting fact is that his family was not supporting him in the beginning of his career, but as he began to take part in bigger and bigger tournaments around the world, they have changed their opinion. Another interesting fact is that Yeik is also studying Mechanical engineering while being a Pro Dota Player.

How did he get where he is today?

When he first started learning the game, he was mainly playing with his brother. Eventually he started joining some small local tournaments while spamming as much pub games as possible. At the age of 13 he joined a SMM tournament in Malaysia and ended up finishing second. After that he continued to improve and eventually formed Team DOT. They went on to play in several tournaments and managed to win some of them. After following MidOne’s performance in the tournaments, he got invited by Fnatic’s managed to join the organization and afetr some negotiations over the terms and conditions, MidOne ended up joining Fnatic. This was where his professional career began to explode.


After joining the team, Fnatic’s roster at the time was : MidOne, Mushi, Ohayio, DJ and 343. The team was performing really well in the smaller tournaments.

However, outside them, their were struggling to to win. Fnatic managed to finish in the 7th-8th place in the ESL One Frankfurt and 6th-7th in the Manilla Major. In both of those tournament they lost to Team Liquid (which were also a sort of a “new team” at that time).

Fnatic biggest success was definitely their TI 6 run. They managed to finish 4th, falling shortly to team DC in the semi finals of the tournament.

This came as a huge moral boost for the team, which at that time achieved little to nothing in the international scene.  The key figure in their performance was MidOne.

He did some stunning plays throughout the entire tournament, which brought alot of attention on him. In the end, few weeks after the end of TI, he was offered to join Team Secret.

Team Secret

The European team went through many roster changes before having the current one. MidOne joined Team Secret just after the end of TI 6 and this marked a new era in his career.

The team’s performance in 2016 was not the best, but in 2017 they bounced back and are now considered to be one of the best teams in the world. Despite having the likes of Puppey in the team, I personally think their star player is MidOne. He is surely in top 3 of the best mid-laners in the world as of today.

He and his team managed to win most of the tournaments that they took part in and now first in the Official Pro Circuit Leaderboard. Their last tournament was the ESL One Genting, where they finished 3rd-4th after a loss to Newbee. However, Team Secret will be playing in both the ESL One Katowice and PGL Majors.

MidOne’s Best Heroes

The signature hero – Invoker

I think that Invoker is undoubtedly MidOne’s best hero. Even when he played in Fnatic you would often see teams banning the hero versus them, simply because of his ability to utilize its potential . As we can see in dotabuff, Invoker is his most played hero with over 80 professional games.

What’s more, he has nearly 70% win rating which is pretty impressive on its own. However, the hero is not the top tier mid at this point of time, because as we know, the meta in Dota 2 is constantly evolving.

This forced MidOne to play the hero a lot less compared to before. Here you can see some action of his invoker

Storm Spirit

Even though MidOne is playing Storm Spirit alot less compared to Invoker, SS still remains one of his best heroes.

Some people even consider his Storm to be as good or better than Sumail’s. However, Storm as always been a situation pick, mainly because of the large amount of counter picks that you can get.

Thats why we do not see MidOne playing him as often, but when he does.. oh boy you better watch out :D. His last game with the hero was versus his ex team, Fnatic, at the ESL One Genting.

Ember spirit 

Much like Storm Spirit, Ember is one of MidOne’s strongest heroes. The hero itself had some up and downs in the different metas.

At one point it was one of the top tier mid laners and that was when MidOne was dominating.  He was also one of the first professional players to play with the so called “caster ember”. This included a rather strange at the time item building – Veil of Discord, Octarine Core, Radiance and so on.

This item build plus the addition of the spell amp talent made Ember spirit one of the strongest Meta heroes of all time. Here are some of his actions on  the hero:


MidOne’s hero pool consists of many more heroes, but I personally think that those three are his best. However, Templar Assassin, OD, SF are also one of his most comfortable heroes, so keep that in mind in case you want to bet versus Team Secret and you see him playing those heroes.

The ESL One Katowice has just started and  The Bucharest Major is just around the corner, which means that you will have the chance of watching Team Secret and MidOne’s performance once in many games to come. This is also a chance of all the eSports bettors out there to make the most out of it and win some cash.

Do you believe that MidOne is the best position two player in the world right now or Miracle- is just a little bit better? Let us know in the comments.

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