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Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok is a professional Dota 2 player from Ukrain who is currently a mid/carry player for OG.

Roman’s Background

Like most of the pro dota players, Roman has been playing the game for more than 10 years now and he continues to develop with every event. His professional path began in the team called iCCup, where after some online tournaments he started making a name for himself.


This ultimately led to a transfer to Virtus.Pro in 2013. There, he had to play as a position one instead of his typical mid role, however, his time with VP would be short lived. After some bad games, including a fail to qualify for the StarLadder Series, he left the team and joined Team Empire, which were one of the leading CIS teams at that time.

Achievements with Team Empire

The team did pretty well, managing second place at StarLadder StarSeries Season 9 and winning the Excellent Moscow Cup and Dota Champions League Season 3.  Later in 2014 they also got invited to The International 2014, but the team suffered a disappointing finish at the group stages. After that they managed to bounce back but did not achieve anything major.

Digital Chaos

Resolut1io went on and played for Team Empire for one more year. After that he left the CIS region and signed with the US organization Digital Chaos. In the beginning the team did not perform that well and went on through many roster changes before finally recruiting Moo.

DC stomped the competition at the majority of online events, however they still struggled at LAN events.

That was until they went to TI 6. Roman and w33ha were in the top of their game the entire tournament and DC finished second, failing shortly to the Chinese miracle – Wings Gaming. As the year progressed, the team held better results with upper half finishes at The Boston Major and winning ESL One Genting 2017.


After Roman left DC he was teamless for some time. In the end he got invited to the European team OG to fill in the role of ana, who was benched after some disappointing performances. OG are currently trying to work they way through the majors and minors in order to get a direct invite for the next TI. They have a promising roster and it’s just a matter of time before they become a major threat to the top teams.

Resolut1ion’s Best Heroes

Resolut1ion is currently playing the mid role of OG but he also tends to play as position one. In my opinion, those are his best three heroes:


Like all pro mid players, invoker is one of Resolut1ion’s strongest heroes. He has over 100 games on the hero according to dotabuff and over 70% win rate, which is pretty impressive. In the current meta however, Invoker is not the top tier mid laner. So we do not have the chance of seeing him in Roman’s hands that often. Here are some intense moments of his Invoker plays:


Despite the fact that he has not played the hero that much recently, Slark is one of his strongest weapons. He was considered to be the best Slark player in the world at some point. The hero was the main reason why DC finished second at TI 6. However, the current meta is not Slark-friendly at all, so it is highly unlikely to see him playing with the little rascal anytime soon. However, if we do, make sure to watch him demolishing the enemies. Here is a video of a game at TI 6

Shadow Fiend

If there is a hero that can be called the king of the mid lane that has to be Nevermore. The Shadow Fiend. Resolut1ion excels with this hero when he is given the chance to play and lately he does it all the time. SF is one of the strongest mid heroes in the current meta and most of the pro teams pick him on a regular basis. I personally think that he is the best CIS player with the hero. Having said that, I think Miracle- is the best shadow fiend player in the world. This is a recent video in which Resolut1ion playing SF vs LFY


Many People consider Reso to be one of the best CIS players of all time. This can be debated alot, however, there is no denial in his talent. Roman is currently playing at the Bucharest Major with his team OG and I can highly recommend to watch them.

They are one of the most promising teams going into the tournament. With their backs against the wall, the European team have to make the most out of this major in order to get the precious qualifying points. Follow the event live at the official twitch stream.

Do you think that Resolut1ion is the best CIS player or he is way behind the likes of RAMZES666 and No[o]ne? Let us know in the comments.

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