PPD launches North America Dota Challengers League, Execration managed to defend their MPGL Championship title

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North America Dota Challengers League

Peter “ppd” Dager has decided to start the Challengers League, which is supposed to help the smaller team grow.  The first season of the league is due to start in October 2018, shortly after the Valve DPC season qualifiers.

The interesting thing about this league is that it will feature set teams, who will compete through the season in order to determine the prize pool. The dates of the matches will be set in way that will avoid any conflict with the DPC qualifiers.

Rules of the NADCL

There will be an initial qualifier which has to determine the eight teams that will be able to participate in the first season league stage. Four teams will advance into a single elimination tournament format. All eight teams will receive a portion of the prize pool as well as donations recieved to the NADCL.

The idea of this league is to help the players earn some income while climbing the rankings. Also, the fact that every team will be able to receive a portion of the prize pool is really good. This means that they will all be motivated to play at any point in time.

Execration have defended their MPGL Championship title

After a really exciting tournament, the Filipino quad – Execration – have managed to defend yet again their MPGL Championship title.

The regular season started in May 2018. Shortly after taking first place in their group, Execration was immediately seeded into the Main Event along with Clutch Gamers, which are also a very prominent team. The two teams met up in the upper bracket finals where Clutch Gamers managed to win Execration 2:1 to advance to the Grand Finals. However, Execration were ready for a rematch and swept through Keen Gaming in order to get their revenge on the Thailand based team and overpowered them in the Grand Finals.

What’s next?

Despite not being the powerhouse that they used to be back in 2017, the team is trying their best in order to become one of the best teams in the region. They always just come short reaching the DPC events but despite that they manage to have a strong presence in the SEA region. We can only hope that the team will start to perform better in the DPC events. Should they manage to do so, the SEA region will have yet another contender for the best team in the world.

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