CSGO: Ninjas in pyjamas VS Berlin International Gaming - 28th January 2022

  BO1   -   28 Jan - 15:00

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022


Ninjas in pyjamas


Berlin International Gaming

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No spoiler


Game 1: Ninjas in pyjamas VS Berlin International Gaming (28th January)

Game 1 - Winner: Ninjas in pyjamas

Ninjas in pyjamas (16)

Berlin International Gaming (12)

Watch the replay of the game 1: Ninjas in pyjamas vs Berlin International Gaming

Betting Tips By MJunior

January 22, 2022

The context of the match

NiP is coming to the 2022 competitive season in CSGO with a major setback as their main AWPer, device, is out for an extended medical leave, making the team count on their academy player phzy. BIG, in the other hand, has all the pieces they want.

The Tips

Berlin International Gaming
Average Amount*
* This is relative to your usual amount you bet. Always respect a strict bankroll management. Place the same bet on and maybe win 0€ risk free using your free bonus.

The bet explained

NiP is a strong team, when complete. Hampus is a great captain, dev1ce when on point is easily one of the best players in the other and REZ is also an incredibly rifler. Unfortunately, though, NiP is playing without their AWPer, and as we saw at the end of 2021, this will just help their most inconsistent players such as plopski to be even more inconsistent.

BIG, in the other hand, seems like they have figure all roles in their team thanks to faveN, their newest player. The squad is looked very strong during Funspark ULTI Finals, and they should be able to put the same level of performance here, if not better.

We do recommend a bet on BIG.

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