DOTA2: Evil Geniuses VS Quincy Crew - 19th January 2022

  BO3   -   19 Jan - 23:00

DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division I - ESL One Winter 2021

in 1 days

Evil Geniuses


Quincy Crew

Predictions and Betting Tips

Betting Tips By MJunior

January 18, 2022

The context of the match

Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew, two of the best DotA 2 in the North American region will be finally clashing in their last match in the current DPC season, and this match will certainly be one you won't want to miss.

The Tips

Quincy Crew
Average Amount*
* This is relative to your usual amount you bet. Always respect a strict bankroll management. Place the same bet on and maybe win 0€ risk free using your free bonus.

The bet explained

Evil Geniuses had some difficult matches in the second and third weeks of this DPC, but they bounced back and reached the final week of the competition with a 4 - 2 record. This recover was definitely boosted by Arteezy and Crit-, and they will be essential for EG this year.

Quincy Crew, however, have been looking extremely strong from their first series to this point. While they have dropped a fair amount of maps during this season, they have shown to be able to quick recover and adjust themselves to their opponents in a very quick manner.

We do recommend a bet on Quincy Crew in this game.


Evil Geniuses

Quincy Crew

Winner Map1

Evil Geniuses

Quincy Crew

First Blood Map1

Evil Geniuses

Quincy Crew

Total Kills Map1

over 46.5

under 46.5

over 47.5

under 47.5

over 48.5

under 48.5

Winner Map2

Evil Geniuses

Quincy Crew

Winner Map3

Evil Geniuses

Quincy Crew

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