DOTA2: Mind Games VS AS Monaco Gambit - 20th January 2022

  BO3   -   20 Jan - 11:00

DPC EEU 2021/22 Tour 1: Division I

in 1 days

Mind Games


AS Monaco Gambit

Predictions and Betting Tips

Betting Tips By MJunior

January 18, 2022

The context of the match

Mind Games, previously knew as Team Unique, had one of their worst performances yet in this current season of the East European DPC, but Gambit haven't been doing much better. So, which one of these two will end get a win in the final game of this DPC tour?

The Tips

AS Monaco Gambit
Small Amount*
* This is relative to your usual amount you bet. Always respect a strict bankroll management. Place the same bet on and maybe win 0€ risk free using your free bonus.

The bet explained

Mind Games have been incredible weak lately. The squad managed to win against Team Empire, but they are far from the level some may have expected them to hit over this DPC season. Losing spAce clearly hit this team bad after all.

Gambit isn't in much better shape, though. The small shuffle the organization made last year didn't work as much as the organization hoped for, and this team simply isn't working in a level to compete against the best teams in the Eastern European region.

Even so, Gambit still looks like the better team in this encounter. Mind Games is incomplete right now, and this really hurt their chances in a series like this one. Thus, we do recommend a bet on AS Monaco Gambit.


Mind Games

AS Monaco Gambit

First Tower Map1

Mind Games

AS Monaco Gambit

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