DOTA2: Nigma VS OG - 18th June 2021

  BO3   -   18 Jun - 18:00

ESL One Summer 2021





No spoiler


No spoiler


Game 1: Nigma VS OG (18th June)
Game 2: Nigma VS OG (18th June)
Game 3: Nigma VS OG (18th June)

Game 1 - Winner: Nigma

Nigma (32)

OG (23)

Watch the replay of the game 1: Nigma vs OG

Game 2 - Winner: OG

Nigma (8)

OG (36)

Watch the replay of the game 2: Nigma vs OG

Game 3 - Winner: OG

Nigma (43)

OG (33)

Watch the replay of the game 3: Nigma vs OG

Betting Tips By Rohan

June 18, 2021

The context of the match

Nigma and OG will face each other in the first matches of the ESL One Summer 2021. The tournament has twelve teams and runs for five days from June 16 to June 20. With over 12 teams competing for a $400,000 prize pool, Dota 2 fans can expect some exciting games and Dota 2 meta at this tournament.

The Tips

Team2 +1.5
Average Amount*
* This is relative to your usual amount you bet. Always respect a strict bankroll management. Place the same bet on and maybe win 0€ risk free using your free bonus.

The bet explained

Nigma was exceptionally strong at the WePlay Animajor. However, the travel back from Kyiv was not conducive to the team. The players are nowhere near their top form and it is evident from their results so far. The team has failed to produce victories and looks relatively lacklustre. Fortunately for them, OG also looks pretty bad. The team lost Ana as the player has not permanently retired from Dota 2. The new roster s still finding its feet and its players are trying to form their synergy. Now this match will see a clash of playstyles. OG is still experimenting while Nigma's playstyle is figured out for the most part. Dota 2 bettors should take this series to go the distance of over 2.5 maps.

Match winner

If you prefer simple betting, or if you play games like fantasy league/
My pick: Nigma

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