DOTA2: T1 VS Quincy Crew - 18th June 2021

  BO3   -   18 Jun - 15:00

ESL One Summer 2021




Quincy Crew

No spoiler


No spoiler


Game 1: T1 VS Quincy Crew (18th June)
Game 2: T1 VS Quincy Crew (18th June)

Game 1 - Winner: T1

T1 (22)

Quincy Crew (17)

Watch the replay of the game 1: T1 vs Quincy Crew

Game 2 - Winner: T1

T1 (20)

Quincy Crew (12)

Watch the replay of the game 2: T1 vs Quincy Crew

Betting Tips By Rohan

June 18, 2021

The context of the match

T1 and Quincy Crew will face each other in the first matches of the ESL One Summer 2021. The tournament has twelve teams and runs for five days from June 16 to June 20. With over 12 teams competing for a $400,000 prize pool, Dota 2 fans can expect some exciting games and Dota 2 meta at this tournament.

The Tips

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The bet explained

This match between T1 and Quincy Crew is sure to bring some fireworks. Quincy Crew is one of the best teams from North America and T1 esports recently was the best team from Southeast Asia. The clash of the two styles is sure to bring some innovations and differences in drafts. Quincy Crew has a methodical approach to its games, while T1 is also the same. But T1 has a much more aggressive posture, that allows the team to have an advantage in the landing phase. T1's performance in the laning phase usually extends to the mid and later, the late game. The players are extremely efficient in extracting the advantage and using it to secure a bigger lead. Now Quincy Crew is not used to such a playstyle and as such this series might just go the way of the SEA team.

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