LOL: Team Liquid VS Golden Guardians - 25th July 2021

  BO1   -   25 Jul - 20:00

LCS Summer 2021

in 9H25

Team Liquid


Golden Guardians

Predictions and Betting Tips

Betting Tips By Alp

July 24, 2021

The context of the match

Golden Guardians are 9-12 this term, with a 4-2 record across the last two round robins. Last week they took down Evil Geniuses and Dignitas but fell short against Cloud9. Liquid have much better than winning only 11 games (11-10) on the summer season and only three across the last two round robins (3-3).

The Tips

Team Liquid
Average Amount*
* This is relative to your usual amount you bet. Always respect a strict bankroll management. Place the same bet on and maybe win 0€ risk free using your free bonus.

The bet explained

Team Liquid are a much more stacked roster, but something isn’t clicking in this squad. With so many star players on the roster. It’s hard to make a strong case for either team at the offered betting odds; however, we like a bet on under 24.5 kills. There is even a solid chance that Liquid wake up and obliterate Golden Guardians in a very quick match – either scenario should result in a low kill count. Golden Guardians have some flaws and will likely struggle to keep up with Liquid during the laning phase, but we like the kill handicap bet on the underdogs for this match. Liquid are generally a high-scoring team, so while they might end up winning, it won’t be by a considerable kill margin. Unless something goes wrong with team Liquid, then maybe Golden Guardians have a chance to win the game. But otherwise Liquid will win this match dominating Golden Guardians.


Team Liquid

Golden Guardians

First Blood Map1

Team Liquid

Golden Guardians

First Baron Map1

Team Liquid

Golden Guardians

First Inhib Map1

Team Liquid

Golden Guardians

First Tower Map1

Team Liquid

Golden Guardians

Total Kills Map1

over 21.5

under 21.5

over 23.5

under 23.5

over 27.5

under 27.5

over 29.5

under 29.5

over 18.5

under 18.5

over 35.5

under 35.5

over 25.5

under 25.5

over 22.5

under 22.5

over 28.5

under 28.5

over 24.5

under 24.5

over 26.5

under 26.5

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